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3rd Annual HYAA BBQ Cook-Off

Nov. 30th - Dec.1st


Welcome to the 3rd Annual Huffman Youth Athletic Cook-Off.   Our little cook-off is growing and we are proud to wlecome back our returning cooks!   


Cookers read below for contest details

For any questions please contact Jeremy Phillips at 713-614-8780


All proceeds go towards HYAA and its athletes. 

2018 HYAA Cook-off - Please read below thoroughly.


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  1. Location: I.T. May Park, 2100 Wolf Rd., Huffman Tx 77336
  2. IBCA Event:  This is an International BBQ Cookers Association (IBCA) sanctioned event and will be conducted under IBCA rules.  Please visit the IBCA website for details:
  3. Entry Fees  $175 and covers entry for the three meats (chicken, ribs, and brisket) and open dish categories.  Jackpot Fajitas is a separate $25 entry.  Payout is 75% to the cooks. Example - If 35 teams enter the Fajita category, then the payout to the cooks is 75% of 35 teams x $25 or $656.25.
  4. Spots We currently are approved for 60 spots.   The larger spots are limited.   There are forty-five spots at 30' width x 40' depth.  An additional fifteen spaces are available with approximate dmensions of 32' width x 22' depth.  If your set up requires more space, then teams can purchase an additional spot for $100 with no additional cooking turn-ins or pay $175 for an additional turn in. If you purchase an additional spot for $175, then the team is required to cook the additional turn in on a separate pit with a different head cook/team name in accordance with IBCA rules.  HYAA reserves the right to provide additional spots.   
  5. ​​​​You can visit for cook-off information and online payment. 
  6. Form submission will be discontinued when spaces are filled. 
  7. Contestants are required to provide for all needed equipment and supplies. This includes all required contest food, generators for electrical power, water, pits, fire extinguisher, etc. 
  8. Ice will be available for purchase.  
  9. Teams are responsible for the cleanliness of their cooking area and will ensure their areas are well kept and generally free from trash. 
  10. Trash receptacles and trash pickup will be provided.
  11. Ash receptacles will be provided. Contestants will not dump ash or coals on the ground and are required to place ashes in the appropriate ash receptacles. 
  12. HYAA and Harris County are not responsible for loss, damage, or theft of any contestant equipment, supplies, and property



Guaranteed prize money of $5,000

Jackpot Fajita Champion Pays 75% of the Total Pot ($25 entry)

Open Dish pays 1st place only $125

Chicken, Spare Ribs, and Brisket Payout:

         1st  - $500 , 2nd - $325 , 3rd - $225 , 4th - $200, 5th - $175, 6th - $100, 7th - $50, 8th - $50

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion will receive trophies



Friday, November 30th:

9:00am      Set Up Begins

6:30pm      Head Cook’s Meeting

8:00pm      Fajita Turn In


Saturday, December 1st:

10:00am   Open Dish Turn-In

12:00 noon  Chicken Turn-In (2 half chickens fully jointed)

1:30pm    Spare Ribs Turn-In (9 slices)

3:00pm      Brisket Turn-In (9 slices)

5:30pm      Awards/Raffle Results

9:00pm      Contest Over/Tear-down Complete