Bristol Girls Little League Softball Incorporated (BGLLS) is formed to provide an organized and structured program of softball for the girls (ages 5-16) of Bristol, Connecticut and the surrounding communities, in a fun and positive atmosphere.

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Coach Devon’s Pitching Tip Sheet


Here are some key points to reinforce the fundamental steps of pitching:


    • When beginning a pitch, the pitcher must “present” the ball
    • The glove and your hand must be apart (the ball may either stay in your hand to start or start inside your glove)
    • Bring your hand and your glove together to get your grip on the ball
      • Find the “C” and trace it with your pointer, middle and ring fingers
  • BACK:
    • Bring the ball and your glove back
    • Your weight should go from your dominant leg to your back non dominant leg
      • Shifting your weight back first will help create the necessary momentum to explode forward
    • Your toes, hips, and shoulder should remain straight at your target
    • From the shifted back position, your body will no begin to move forward towards your catcher
    • Your glove and the ball work TOGETHER!
      • When the ball comes up, your glove comes up
    • Continuing to keep toes, shoulders, and hips straight
    • Your dominant knee will now get into the “KNEE OVER TOE”
    • Pushing forward to open up to “K” position
    • Checking for:
      • Arm to remain in front of your body
      • Glove straight at your target
      • Your drag foot up on your toe
    • From the K position, the arm should whip through the pitchers open hips
    • At the same time, the back foot should be driving through to the front side aka the front foot
    • The most direct route possible for the foot to take is a straight line, any movement outside a straight line, shows low of power
    • Finish the snap – LAZER TO TARGET
    • Remember to stay tall!