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LAX on the LAKE Format
Timekeeper / penalty keeper /Score keeper guidelines

Two periods, Running 25 minute Clock each half - Means no time-outs to stop the clock.

5 min half time.

Starting and stopping the game clock –(you can use your cell phone)

Clock starts at the Referee whistle and continues for 25 minutes. 

Clock stops for injuries only.

Count down OUT LOUD the last 10 seconds from 10 to 0 for the end of the 25 minute play. Players need to hear this time in order to get shot off or finish scoring play prior to end of the period.

Sound horn at the end of your countdown (at end of 25 minutes play). AWAY from all ears!


Half time

Maintain firm 5 minute half time. Keep refs and coaches aware of this time. 

This is also the time to replace game balls on ends of field and middle sides of field. Diagram of field is on each table. Have (non playing) kids perform this task if possible.

Clock starts for second period of play at whistle and continues for 25 minutes. 

In this last period give a 2 minute warning LOUDLY so that coaches, players and refs can hear.

It is a rule that the ball in play and player must stay within a certain area of field for the last 2 minutes of game.

Again count down last 10 seconds from 10 to 0 at which time sound horn (away from all ears) to acknowledge end of game.

Penalty clock and player penalty management -( use cell phone timer) or note time of penalty and keep track on running clock. Paper and pen will be available to take notes if needed.

Because the game is in running clock mode, the penalty starts on the next whistle and runs until the penalty is served. Penalties under a running clock stop only if there is an injury.

Penalty types – Releasable and non-releasable.

For a non-releasable penalty, the official will raise hands over his/her head, touching palms and say “Non-releasable” . This penalty needs to serve the whole time in the box regardless if other team scores during this time.

All other Penalties are releasable which means, player stays in box for time served if there is no score from other team during this time. If the other team scores then this player will be let out of the box at any time during the penalty time. Penalty will be considered served.

Penalty times are 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes and 3 minutes depending on the type of penalty. Use stop watches.

Players with a penalty are to stay in the box until the end of the penalty. They should be on one knee but can stand for the last 10 seconds. A player substituting for them can stand along side of them for the last 10 seconds and be released after the penalty expires. For penalties call “Release” at the end of the penalty. If the player leaves before the time ends and the time keeper calls “release,” double tap the horn so the officials stop the game and assess an additional penalty to the player.

Don't forget to count down loudly last ten seconds of penalty.

Please talk often to referees if you need clarification for any of the above calls. They are very willing to help.