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As The Colchester Soccer Club continues to build our curriculums and programs, we wanted to share some of the information that helps shape our direction.


Everyone has probably heard a coach mention Small Sided Games (SSG) by now but what does it mean?  It simply means fewer players on a smaller field.  Below are some resources that explain the concept further:

  1. The Complete Guide to SSG (Colorado Soccer Association)
  2. Why Small Sided Games? (US Youth Soccer)


US Youth Soccer has created a handy pocket guide for parents that explains many of the rules of soccer, the positions, the field and some of the common penalties.


Parents of young athletes sometimes struggle in their efforts to help their children’s development in sport. Well intentioned, much of the time, their methods employ over-questioning, critical comments and unrealistic demands toward their children.  This is all done in an effort to come across as the caring, tough-love soccer parent.  The MYSA Director of Training and Evaluation created a parents guide that is both amusing and informative.