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MA Hockey League provides full ice and 3x3 leagues, tournaments,pick-up games and skill clinics for adult and youth players.

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Tournament Info

  • 5th Annual MA Hockey League Cup
  • Adult (18+) Ice Hockey Tournament
  • Full Ice - 5x5 Tournament
  • Three Games Guaranteed (Three 17 minute periods per game)
  • Plus semi-finals (usually in divisions with more than 6 teams) & Championship Game for top teams
  • Games Start Friday Night after 6:00pm and go through Sunday afternoon. Start and end times of each division will vary by the number of teams that enter into each division. Games will be from 7:00am-11:30pm on Saturday and 7:00am-8:00pm on Sunday. 
  • Two referees for each game plus scorekeeper

MAHL CUP – Playing Rules and Regulations

All Games will be played under USA Hockey Rules with the following exceptions:

Tournament Rules & Adult Full Ice Rules

  1. Blue line Icing
  2. Only nine dot will be used for puck drop
  3. The ensuing face off after a penalty will occur in the defensive zone of the offending team
  4. Any player who receives three penalties in one game will be ejected from the current game and potentially the next game. 

Basic Rules

  • Teams must supply matching jerseys with unique #'s (multiple players with the same number will not be allowed).
  • Teams must supply own pucks for warm-ups and two to the ref for every game
  • Teams must fill out a roster with current players and #'s before each game
  • Games will be three 17 minute periods running time. 
  • If there is a six goal spread entering the third period of the game the third period time will be set to Ten Minutes. 
  • The last 2 minutes of the game will be stopped time if the game score is within 2 goals. last 10 seconds of first and 2nd periods with a face-off in an offensive zone the clock will stop
  • Games can begin no more than 15 minutes early; teams should be ready to go early if possible. (Except the first game of the day on each rink)
  • Each team gets one 30 second time out per game.

·           Games can end in a tie. 2 pts for a win and 1 point for a tie.

  • All players must be at least 18 years of age.

·  Wearing full equipment is recommended; including a cage, pants, elbow pads and shoulder pads. A minimum of a helmet, shin pads, gloves, elbow pads and pants are required. Helmets must have at least one working strap/buckle and must be secured while on the ice.


  • Minor Penalties are 2 minutes in Length; Major Penalties are 5 Mins and include a game misconduct penalty (current game and next game). Misconducts are 10 Minutes
  • Fighting will not be tolerated. Any type of fight or altercation is grounds for tournament ejection.
  • If you yell or ague with the ref(s) in any way they have the right to kick you out of the game. If you get kicked out you are done for the tournament
  • Tournament Director and Head Officials have the final say on all call disputes.
  • Any player who receives a misconduct penalty in last 5 mins of a game will be suspended for the next game.  A Major in the last 5 mins is grounds for tournament ejection.


  • Only players who have played in 1 out of the 3 play-in games are eligible. Players cannot play on multiple teams. No exceptions!
  • If a Play-off game ends in a tie then there will be a sudden death OT 5 minutes long. If still tied there will a 3 person shootout then if still tied will go round by round. Home team (higher seed) gets to choose who shoots first. Every player must shoot before the first player can shoot again.


  • Points, Wins, Head-to-head, Goal Differential, Goals Against, Goals For, Least Amount of Penalty Minutes, Coin Flip. Unless otherwise notes this will be the format
  • A goal differential cap will be placed on each game with a maximum number of six, regardless of the final score.