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Change Team: 

Pictures will be take on North Field on Saturday May 5th and Sunday May 6th.  Please arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled picture time in your uniform.  1st and Second grades please wear your pinnies.

Below is the order link for picture packages.  Please complete the form in advance so that the process is expedited for completing the pictures.

Picture Day ID: WL157059X0
North Field
8:00 AM 5th Grade - A Riley Hellstein Girls Youth
8:30 AM 5th Grade - B Amy Gusitch Girls Youth
8:30 AM 6th Grade - A Taraleigh Masterson Girls Youth
9:00 AM 6th Grade - B Daina Cantonese Girls Youth
9:00 AM 6/7th Grade - C Tori Wehner Girls Youth
9:30 AM 7th Grade - A Maddie Kratz Girls Youth
9:30 AM 7th Grade - B Megan Boepple Girls Youth
10:30 AM 8th Grade - A Katie Ciaci Girls Youth
12:00 PM 8th Grade - B Linda Koch Girls Youth
12:00 PM 4th Grade Christian Bilella Girls Youth
12:30 PM 3rd Grade James Phelan Girls Youth
11:30 AM 1st and 2nd Grade Brian Dobson Girls Youth