youth lacrosse tournament for girls and boys

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2018 igivelax Rules


1 Day championship 8 v 8  tournament per pool/division

Girls U8, U10, U12,U14                     7/14/18

Boys U9, U11,U13, U15                    7/14/18

Each team is guaranteed 3 games on modified fields (8 v 8)

Rules for Boys and Girls:

  1. Follow same rules during the season (US Lacrosse)

  2. 2 – 18 min halves running clock (2 minute half-time)

  3. One central horn used for all timing. 1 horn to signify beginning of game, beginning and end of halftime and end of game.

  4. If tie exists, then sudden victory play

  5. No timeouts

  6. Injury timeout =  clock will run

  7. Alternate possession – Designated Home team (team listed first on schedule) gets Initial Alternating Possession.  Designated Away team selects direction.

  8. 1 yellow card = player must sit for 2 min, running clock, ref will keep time

  9. 2 yellow cards = player must sit remainder of game and may return to next game

  10. Red card = player must sit remainder of game and NEXT game

  11. 8 Meter shots at end of half/Game (Girls only)

1st half: 8 M shot will be played out if foul occurs prior to horn but times runs out before shot can be taken

2nd half: only if it impacts the outcome of the game.If game is tie or team with 8M is losing by 1 goal, play out 8M.  Do NOT play out if there is 2 goal differential or winning team has 8M

  1. No parents will be allowed on the team’s sideline.  They must sit on opposite sideline as bench

  2. Must play with those players that are officially registered for your team

  3. Zero tolerance – If a parent or coach is ejected from a game – he/she is ejected for the remainder of the tournament.  Head coaches are responsible for monitoring their own spectator behavior

  4. Teams are responsible for making sure fields are clear of trash before moving on to next game. This includes tent/team areas.

  5. If a team fails to show up for their scheduled game, they automatically forfeit that game.

  6. Championship game – 20 min game, only one timeout per team, no timeouts permitted in the last minutes of game.


1.    Any tents being set-up by attendees are required to be anchored/secured so as to prevent the tent from becoming airborne in the event of any significant wind.

2.    If a request by a league or tournament representative to lower and stow your tents is made, this must be done immediately. This is being done for everyone’s safety.

3.    Programs not adhering to these guidelines will be noted and liable for their actions.