The Great Lakes Lacrosse League (GLLL) is a regional organization of non-varsity men's club field lacrosse programs in the Midwestern United States. The GLLL was founded in 2004 to provide a competitive league for teams in the Midwest who want to play in

2022 GLLL League Schedule        
Date Location Time Team 1 Team 2
19-Feb MARQUETTE 11:30 Wisconsin White Marquette
19-Feb MARQUETTE 12:30 Wisconsin NP Marquette
19-Feb MARQUETTE 1:30 Wisconsin White UWM
19-Feb MARQUETTE 2:30 Wisconsin NP UWM
20-Feb NOTRE DAME 11:00 Northwestern Notre Dame Gold
20-Feb NOTRE DAME 12:15 Northwestern Notre Dame Blue
20-Feb NOTRE DAME 1:30 Wisconsin Red Notre Dame Gold
20-Feb NOTRE DAME 2:45 Wisconsin Red Notre Dame Blue
26-Feb     IOWA 12:00 Iowa Iowa State
26-Feb     IOWA 1:00 Wisconsin White Iowa
26-Feb     IOWA 2:00 Wisconsin NP Iowa State
26-Feb     IOWA 3:00 Wisconsin Red Illinois State
26-Feb     IOWA 4:00 Wisconsin Red Mankato
26-Feb     IOWA 5:00 Mankato Illinois State
26-Feb OSHKOSH 12:00 UW - Stevens Point UW - Oshkosh
26-Feb OSHKOSH 1:00 UW - Stevens Point MCLC
26-Feb OSHKOSH 2:00 Lake Superior State MCLC
26-Feb OSHKOSH 3:00 UW -Platteville UW - Oshkosh
26-Feb OSHKOSH 4:00 Lake Superior State UW -Platteville
26-Feb ST CLOUD 12:00 UW - River Falls St Cloud State
26-Feb ST CLOUD 1:00 UW - Eau Claire UW - River Falls
26-Feb ST CLOUD 2:00 St Cloud State UW - Lacrosse
26-Feb ST CLOUD 3:00 Winona State UW -Eau Claire
26-Feb ST CLOUD 4:00 UW - Lacrosse Winona State
5-Mar MARQUETTE 4:00 Wisconsin Red Marquette
5-Mar MARQUETTE 5:15 Wisconsin Red UWM
5-Mar MARQUETTE 6:30 UWM Marquette
6-Mar  CINCINNATI 1:00 Ohio State Cincinnati
6-Mar  CINCINNATI 2:00 Ohio State Louisville
6-Mar  CINCINNATI 3:00 Louisville Ohio State
12-Mar OSHKOSH 2:00 UWM UW - Oshkosh
12-Mar OSHKOSH 3:15 UW - Stevens Point UW - Oshkosh
12-Mar OSHKOSH 4:30 UWM Northern Michigan
12-Mar OSHKOSH 5:45 Northern Michigan UW - Stevens Point
12-Mar DUNDAS DOME 1:00 Carleton UW - Eau Claire
12-Mar DUNDAS DOME 2:15 St Cloud State Carleton
12-Mar DUNDAS DOME 3:30 UW - Eau Claire St Cloud State
12-Mar UIC 9:30 Northwestern UIC
18-Mar NORTHERN MICH 7:00 Northern Michigan Lake Superior State
19-Mar NOTRE DAME 2:00 Notre Dame Blue Loyola Chicago
19-Mar NOTRE DAME 3:15 Notre Dame Blue Michigan State
19-Mar NOTRE DAME 4:30 Notre Dame Gold Loyola Chicago
19-Mar NOTRE DAME 5:45 Notre Dame Gold Michigan State
26-Mar    MICHIGAN 2:00 Ferris State Toledo
26-Mar    MICHIGAN 3:00 Ferris State Notre Dame Blue
26-Mar    MICHIGAN 4:00 Michigan State Toledo
26-Mar    MICHIGAN 5:00 Michigan State Notre Dame Gold
26-Mar    MICHIGAN 6:00 Notre Dame Blue Michigan
26-Mar    MICHIGAN 7:00 Notre Dame Gold Michigan
26-Mar ST XAVIER 2:30 St Xavier Loyola Chicago
26-Mar RIVER FALLS 4:00 Mankato UW - River Falls
26-Mar RIVER FALLS 5:00 Mankato UW - Lacrosse
26-Mar RIVER FALLS 6:00 UW - River Falls UW - Lacrosse
26-Mar PLATTEVILLE 12:00 UW - Platteville Winona State
26-Mar PLATTEVILLE 2:30 Iowa Winona State
26-Mar PLATTEVILLE 3:45 MCLC UW - Platteville
27-Mar TECHNY FIELDS 1:00 (Field 1) Wisconsin Red Ohio State
27-Mar TECHNY FIELDS 2:15 (Field 1) Wisconsin Red Loyola
27-Mar TECHNY FIELDS 3:30 (Field 1) Northern Illinois Loyola
27-Mar TECHNY FIELDS 1:00 (Field 2) Wisconsin NP Northern Illinois
27-Mar TECHNY FIELDS 2:15 (Field 2) Wisconsin White Ohio State
2-Apr MADISON 10:00 (Field 1) Wisconsin White MCLC
2-Apr MADISON 11:00 (Field 1) N/A N/A
2-Apr MADISON 12:00 (Field 1) Wisconsin NP UW - Oshkosh
2-Apr MADISON 1:00 (Field 1) Wisconsin NP UW - Stevens Point
2-Apr MADISON 2:00 (Field 1) UWM UW - Stevens Point
2-Apr MADISON 3:00 (Field 1) Wisconsin Red Iowa
2-Apr MADISON 4:00 (Field 1) UW - Lacrosse Wisconsin Red
2-Apr MADISON 12:00 (Field 2) Northern Michigan MCLC
2-Apr MADISON 1:00 (Field 2) UWM UW - Oshkosh
2-Apr MADISON 2:00 (Field 2) Northern Michigan UW - Lacrosse
2-Apr MADISON 3:00 (Field 2) Northern Michigan Marquette
2-Apr MADISON 4:00 (Field 2) Marquette Iowa
2-Apr CARLETON 1:00 Carleton Mankato
2-Apr CARLETON 2:15 Carleton St Cloud State
2-Apr CARLETON 3:30 Mankato St Cloud State
2-Apr UIC 2:00 UIC St Xavier
2-Apr UIC 4:30 NIU UIC
2-Apr FERRIS STATE 1:00 Lake Superior State Ferris State
2-Apr FERRIS STATE 2:00 Michigan State Loyola Chicago
2-Apr FERRIS STATE 3:00 Lake Superior State Michigan State
2-Apr FERRIS STATE 4:00 Ferris State Loyola Chicago
2-Apr OHIO STATE 11:00 Notre Dame Gold Ohio State Grey
2-Apr OHIO STATE 12:00 Ohio State Scarlet Notre Dame Gold
2-Apr OHIO STATE 1:00 Ohio State Grey Notre Dame Gold
2-Apr EAU CLAIRE 1:00 UW - Eau Claire UW - River Falls
2-Apr EAU CLAIRE 2:15 Winona State UW - Eau Claire
2-Apr EAU CLAIRE 3:30 UW - River Falls Winona State
3-Apr MICHIGAN 4:15 Ohio State Michigan
3-Apr MICHIGAN 5:30 Ohio State Michigan State
3-Apr MICHIGAN 6:45 Michigan State Michigan
9-Apr MANKATO DOME 3:00 St Cloud State Mankato
9-Apr MANKATO DOME 4:15 Winona State St Cloud State
9-Apr MANKATO DOME 5:30 Winona State Mankato
9-Apr ST XAVIER 1:00 Loyola Chicago St Xavier
9-Apr ST XAVIER 2:15 Loyola Chicago Northwestern
9-Apr ST XAVIER 3:30 St Xavier Northwestern
NCLL - GLLL Challenge         
9-Apr NORTHERN IL 1:00 (Field 1) Wisconsin Red Michigan
9-Apr NORTHERN IL 2:00 (Field 1) Wisconsin Red Cincinnati
9-Apr NORTHERN IL 3:00 (Field 1) Michigan  NIU
9-Apr NORTHERN IL 1:00 (Field 2) NIU Cincinnati
9-Apr NORTHERN IL 2:00 (Field 2) Wisconsin White Michigan
9-Apr NORTHERN IL 3:00 (Field 2) Wisconsin White Cincinnati
9-Apr UIC 1:00  Ferris State UIC
9-Apr UIC 2:15  Ferris State Notre Dame Gold
9-Apr UIC 3:30  Marquette Notre Dame Gold
9-Apr UIC 4:45  Marquette UIC
9-Apr OSHKOSH DOME 11:30 UW Whitewater Lake Superior State
9-Apr OSHKOSH DOME 12:30 UW - Whitewater Northern Michigan
9-Apr OSHKOSH DOME 1:30 Lake Superior State Lake Superior State
10-Apr LA CROSSE 12:00 UW - Eau Claire UW - La Crosse
10-Apr LA CROSSE 1:00 UW - River Falls Carleton
10-Apr LA CROSSE 2:00 Iowa UW - Eau Claire
10-Apr LA CROSSE 3:00 UW - La Crosse UW - River Falls
10-Apr LA CROSSE 4:00 Carleton Iowa
10-Apr WHITEWATER 12:00 UW - Whitewater MCLC
10-Apr WHITEWATER 1:15 UW - Whitewater UW - Platteville
10-Apr WHITEWATER 2:30 UW - Milwaukee MCLC
10-Apr WHITEWATER 3:45 UW - Milwaukee UW - Platteville
10-Apr UIC 11:00 (Field 1) Michigan Northwestern
10-Apr UIC 12:15 (Field 1) Michigan UIC
10-Apr UIC 1:30 (Field 1) Northwestern UIC
10-Apr UIC 11:00 (Field 2) Ferris State St Xavier
10-Apr UIC 12:15 (Field 2) NIU St Xavier
10-Apr UIC 1:30 (Field 2) NIU Ferris State
APR 23-24, 2022 GLLL CHAMPIONSHIP TOURNAMENT   All teams invited