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Board of Directors (elected May 12, 2018)


President:   Mark D. Erickson

Vice President:   Jay Egger

Treasurer:   Brian Curtiss

Secretary:   Patty Fairbanks




Mark D. Erickson:  ContactMDE@gmail.com

Jay Egger:             jayegger@hotmail.com

Brian Curtiss:      bhcurtiss@gmail.com

Patty Fairbanks:  pwfairbanks@gmail.com

Krista Emrich:      ehslacrosse@yahoo.com


Board accepts nominations in April. Elections are held at the May Booster Club Members Meeting.

Board description and responsibilities are found in the Bylaws. Refer to the Bylaws tab on the homepage

Board nomination forms can be accessed on the Board nomination form tab on the homepage.

Submit nomination forms to:  Mark D. Erickson / ContactMDE@gmail.com