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updated as of July 14, 2019

The Organization

Dulles Youth Sports (DYS) is a volunteer-based nonprofit 501(c)3 structure, registered in the state of Virginia, and endorsed by Loudoun County Parks, Recreation, and Community Services (PRCS). We have strong support from our local high school coaches, athletic directors, and school administrators.

DYS welcomes any and all youth participants with a wide variety of ages, weights, skills, and experiences to participate in club activities. We encourage parents and adults to serve in a wide variety of volunteer capacities as their time may allow so to maintain and enhance the program offerings and associated quality. DYS additionally invites community businesses to become sponsors as a means to improve resources while serving as a means to advertise business services for community residents. 

DYS provides high quality experiences for wrestlers, families, coaches, and spectators.  For the money, the DYS program is "pound for pound" the best deal in the northern Virginia area.  Our club invites participation by volunteers, coaches, and those that are willing to volunteer and contribute to their community. We are always looking for coaches with wrestling experience that want to lead or assist in some capacity.

Both boys and girls have access to safe clean high school sports facilities, highly experienced coaches, numerous competition opportunities, and easily accessible practice locations. The program is coed which means that boys and girls practice and compete together. However, there are also separate competitions specifically for young ladies. High level college coaches and national leaders continue to create opportunities for women wrestling. Women in their elementary school ages especially excel in terms of their abilities to compete and gain self‑confidence.

Our wrestling program provides opportunities for youth athletes to get physically strong, mentally tough, and emotionally focused. Our athletes gain a sense of accomplishment, self‑confidence, high self‑esteem, respect for others, sense of team, and an appreciation for the rewards of hard work. They learn how to maintain good sportsmanship behaviors, win with humility and lose with grace. They learn how to persevere, remain determined, and overcome obstacles. 

Our coaches have personal examples of friends and families with sons and daughters that have participated in local youth wrestling programs leading to their abilities to conduct time management skills, operate under pressure, push themselves through austere conditions, and confidently communicate with adults, coaches, and teammates.

In short, our wrestlers are trained to become great community citizens and better people in general.