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Orland Park Lightning Basketball Program is unique. We are an OYA girls Rec. based Travel Program. Our program is for girls in Grades 4th - 8th  who possess both the desire and ability to learn and play basketball at a more competitive level than that of our Rec. program. Please understand that unlike our Recreational  program the Lightning program does NOT guarantee equal playing time. Our game season begins in mid-November and ends in mid- March

Lightning Girls

Basketball Program

Where there is THUNDER…there is always 

Lightning Girls 

2019-20 Season Update Information:

Basketball Program Try-Outs

Program Information:

  • High School Feeder Program
  • Two practices a week from October-March
  • Local leagues and tournaments on weekends 
  • 4th-8th grade Hybrid Travel Teams


Program rules:

  • 4th graders still have to participate in OYA Rec League
  • *Need to be an Orland Park or School District 135 Resident 

Tryouts: September 21,2019 @ Franklin Loebe Center. 


4th Grade 10am-11am

  8th Grade 11AM-12PM

7th Grade 12PM-1PM

6th Grade 1PM-2PM

5th GRADE 6pm-7pm on September 27th @Franlin Loebe Center

All tryout participants will need to be registered. Please register here: Click Here


Cost: $300-$425 (not including uniform)


General Lightning Program Information:

*High School Feeder Program

*Two practices a week from October-March

*Local leagues and tournaments on weekends

*4th-8th grade Hybrid Travel Teams

*Cost: $300-$425(not including uniform)

*4th graders still have to participate in OYA Rec League



Eligible Players for Lightning Basketball must meet one of the following requirements:

1.       Reside in the Village of Orland Park.

2.       Reside in the 135 School District.

3.       Have participated in an OYA Sports Programs in the past.

4.       Exceptions can be made at the discretion of the OYA Board of Directors.