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Destin Little League Meeting 12/9/15



Jerry Hill                                                Beth Cann

Amber Hill                             Jeff Hinkle

Rebecca Reed                    Jeannie Pope

Leslie Davis                          Howard Wortman


Call to Order- 5:37pm by Amber Hill



  1. Old Business

    1.             By Laws

         a.  Coaches can vote to unanimously change that there will be no stealing bases.

         b.   Infield fly rule-every umpire complained last year-putting it back in.

         c.   Coaches will agree when they have a balanced team to not switch back.

         d.   Beth motioned to keep drafting the same.  6 for keeping it the same, 1 abstain and 0 for removing.

         e.   Beth motioned to adding in age requirements. Unanimous decision.

                 League ages 7-8, 9-10.

         f.    Nothing in our bylaws for player pool.  Before league starts, we will vote on changes.  Play with 9 players, will play with 8, 7 players automatic forfeit and can play as a scrimmage.

     2.             Park Maintenance

       a.  Someone to take over before Jerry leaves for 8 weeks.

       b.  Ice maker-Howard and Jerry will work on it.

       c.  Windows-Howard will work on it.

       d.  Electrical-breaker up in box, with 6 inch trench dug-Howard.

       e.  Sponsorships-keep contacting, see list. Highlighted are the ones already contacted.


  1. New Business

  1.  Chartering-done, $2915 (Invoice), 30 teams, $250 crime coverage.

  2. Budget-treasurer will come up with a budget.

  3. Concession Stand Contract-unanimous decision to stick with Merlin’s, Jerry will do updated contract.

  4. Website Renewal-$460. Beth motioned, unanimous decision to stay with League Athletics.

  5. Registration Fees and Dates. Board members kids are free.  Coach’s kids are free. Volunteers needed for registration days.

  6. Tryouts and Evaluation Dates- on flyer

  7. Calendar of Events-Opening Day will be March 12th with games starting March 14th.  Will do Fish Fry, with more fryers, a parade starting at 9, and exhibition games played throughout day.

  8. Ask Jason about the cost of cases of baseballs.


  1. Other Business

  1. Parade-Amber will check to see if too late to join.

  2. Umpire training

  3. Darlene From Shot in Focus (Came at beginning of meeting)-Composite pics will be done, green screen, build teams.  Not all team has to be there.  Weather is not a concern.  $120 for no makeup days.  3-4x6 banners, will do action shots again, 10% back, will come opening day



Adjourn-7:10pm by Amber