Park Youth Lacrosse participates in North Jersey Youth Lacrosse

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What season is lacrosse played? Lacrosse is a spring sport which is played from March through mid-June.
  2. How are the teams divided? The teams are typically divided by grades.
    1. Future Laxers Clinic (Boys):  An in-town instructional lacrosse program designed for boy’s Pre-K through 1st grade. Players will use sticks and (gloves preferred) and softer balls as they learn basic skills such as catching, throwing, cradling and scooping and participate in small-sided games. If this is your first lacrosse clinic you must start here or if you do not want to move to a full pads clinic.
    2. Future Laxers Rookie Clinic (Boys):  An in-town instructional lacrosse program offered to 1st Grade (if you have completed the Future Laxers Clinic) through 2nd grade boys in which players will use traditional lacrosse equipment (helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads and gloves).  Players will participate in basic skill practice such as catching, throwing, cradling and shooting and play in small-sided games.  We are looking to schedule several scrimmages with other towns and possibly attend a few tournaments. Players must have participated in Future Laxers Clinic before progressing to the Rookie Clinic. This clinic is full pads.
    3. Future Laxers Clinic (Girls):  An in-town instructional lacrosse program offered to kindergarten through 2nd grade girls in which players will use sticks (goggles preferred).  Players will participate in basic skill practice such as catching, throwing, cradling and shooting and play in small-sided games. 
  3. How does our family register? Utilize the online registration link, announcements for early / regular registrations will be announced.
  4. When does the season start? The season begins in March with just practices, and the games begin in April. All registered players (3rd thru 8th graders) will play on competitive teams. Practices will be twice a week in the evenings. Games can be held on weeknights, Saturdays and Sundays. Our lacrosse clinic will be held twice per week on Wednesday evenings and Saturday afternoons.
  5. Where do we practice and play home games? Typically practices and games are held at the Elm Street Field Complex in Florham Park.
  6. Where and when are away games? The away games, tournaments and jamborees are played in different locations throughout NJ. Games can be on weeknights and weekend days, depending on the team.
  7. How do parents stay informed about what's going on? The Park Youth Lacrosse website is the main form of communication with players, coaches and families. Park Youth Lacrosse Coaches and Team Managers also communicate information to players and parents directly via email. All information can be found on the Park Lacrosse website so please check regularly. You can also follow us on Facebook. and Instagram - Park Youth Lacrosse.
  8. How can I help? We're glad you asked! The Park Youth Lacrosse Club is run by volunteers and can always use more hands to ensure that our children have the best experience possible. Roles range from board members to coaches to general volunteers who can help on various tasks. Simply message us on our site or speak directly with a coach.
  9. What is U.S. Lacrosse? U.S.Lacrosse is the national governing body of men's and women's lacrosse. All players will become members of U.S. Lacrosse upon registering for the P LAX programs and will receive Lacrosse Magazine. All P LAX players and coaches will be insured by U.S.Lacrosse while participating in a Covered Activity (i.e. all P LAX events, all U.S.Lacrosse events). The U.S.Lacrosse website is
  10. Where can I buy Lacrosse equipment?
    The best place to buy lacrosse equipment is from a store that specializes in lacrosse equipment as opposed to a general merchandise sports store. We recommend Lacrosse Unlimited in Madison, NJ. Dicks Sporting Goods also carries Lacrosse Equipment. Universal Lacrosse in Summit
  11. Does PYL hold "tryouts" for teams? Is it possible that my son will get "cut" and not be able to play?
    PYL does NOT hold tryouts. Teams are divided EQUALLY and everyone who wants to play lacrosse in Park Youth Lacrosse will have a team to play on.
  12. My son plays another sport during the spring, will this be a problem?
    PYL does not require a player to be a lacrosse player exclusively. However, our expectation is that players will not prioritize out-of-season sports in a way that causes them to miss practices or games during lacrosse season. We ask that parents take a good look at the activities they schedule for their sons in the Spring with an eye towards fairness to our lacrosse coaches and their teammates, as well as to coaches and teammates of other Spring teams they may play for.
  13. What is your policy on refunds?
    1. If for any reason you must withdraw your child from the Park Youth Lacrosse (PYL) spring season or Park Youth Lacrosse must cease operations, Park Youth Lacrosse will use the following policy to determine the distribution of any refunds. In all cases, we cannot reimburse credit card fees
      associated with the refund process.
      1. Before March 1st, a refund of 100% of the registration fee paid to PYL will be made.
      2. Before March 15th, a refund of 50% of the registration fee paid to PYL will be made.
      3. Registration fees will not be refunded in the case of individual player withdrawal after March 15th.
    2. Registration fees will be refunded on a pro-rated basis if the league is forced to
      cease operations after March 15th. We will carefully balance refunds with our
      need to maintain the financial health of our organization. PLEASE NOTE: Fees paid to US Lacrosse during the registration process cannot be
      refunded under any circumstances. This is a $30 cost for all team players.