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Board Position Descriptions

General Notes:

  • Board Members will be expected to attend monthly Board meetings during the year.


  • Oversees the affairs of all elements of the League.
  • As chief administrator, selects and appoints all managers, coaches, umpires and committees (subject to the approval of the Board).
  • Represents the League in the District organization. This includes attendance at all district Meetings, etc.
  • Presides at all League meetings, and assumes full responsibility for the operation of the League.
  • Receives all mail, supplies and other communications from the Little League Headquarters, and the District. 
  • Oversee and coordinate all scheduling with other board members, including but not limited to yearly calendar, opening day, scheduling of fields.
  • Oversee and coordinate with the Publicity, Fundraising, and League Information Officer all League Publicity campaigns, including but not limited to announcements, registration, clinics, seminars, articles, etc.
  • Oversee all long-term development and planning.

Vice President:

  • Responsible for the coordination of all activities relating to baseball.
  • Coordinates and oversees all Board Member activities, including but not limited to: making sure that equipment bags are distributed to and returned by managers in a timely manner; making sure that all uniforms and awards are distributed in a timely manner; making all managers, coaches, and parents aware of all meetings, local rules, and conduct expected at all practices and games.
  • Coordinates with Board in preparing and proposing a list of all divisional Managers for Board approval and President's selection. 
  • Coordinates with and assists the Player Agent and President in conducting all drafts and/or selection of all teams.
  • Coordinates with the Safety/Training Officer in making sure that all safety issues are addressed.
  • Coordinates with the Coaching Coordinator to insure that all managers, coaches and players at all levels are receiving proper instruction.
  • Orders trophies


  • Maintains a register of Board Members.
  • Records the minutes of meetings, prepare in written format, and distribute via email.
  • Provide copies of meeting minutes for each board meeting.
  • Provide attendance roster for each board meeting.
  • Maintain files of all board minutes, attendance rosters, meeting agenda’s, activities
  • Responsible for sending out notice of meetings (coordinates with President).
  • Responsible for securing facilities for meetings


  • Signs checks as directed by league constitution.
  • Dispenses League funds as approved by Board of Directors.
  • Reports on status of League funds.
  • Keeps League books and financial records.
  • Assumes responsibility for all League finances.
  • Prepares and submits league tax returns, etc.
  • Prepares budgets (and coordinates with each budget discipline regarding use of budgets).
  • Checks mailbox regularly and distributes mail.

Player Agent:

  • Conducts annual tryouts (In coordination with Pres. and VP) for minors/majors
  • Responsible for player selection (conducts all drafts, coordinates scheduling of drafts with Pres.  & VP).
  • Responsible for checking birth records and eligibility of all players.
  • Supervises and coordinates the transfer of players between divisions, either up or down in age.
  • Assume responsibility of prime coordinator of all player affairs, including but not limited to: sponsorship/player issues, financial or other family issues (including all issues of a delicate nature that need not be made public), etc.
  • Responsible for All-Star player selection
  • The player agent must not manage, coach or umpire in the division over which he/she has authority, unless the local league has received explicit written permission to allow this from Little League International.

Divisions Rep:

  • Supervises and coordinates the transfer of players within the league (coordinating with player agent and president)
  • Assume responsibility of prime coordinator of all division player affairs, including but not limited to: player issues, financial or other family issues (including all issues of a delicate nature that need not be made public), etc.
  • Helps organize player clinics

Safety/Training Officer:

  • Coordinates all safety activities.
  • Ensures safe playing conditions.
  • Coordinates reporting and prevention of injuries.
  • Solicits suggestions for making conditions safer.
  • Reports suggestions to Little League Headquarters.
  • Responsible for overseeing all programs and development opportunities relating to managers, coaches and players.
  • Institutes and updates all printed Safety materials, such as manuals, flyers, internet correspondence, etc. Responsible for making information available to all managers, coaches and players as appropriate.
  • Obtain, update and maintain First Aid Kits
  • Responsible for conducting and coordinating all background checks of all volunteers to meet Little League guidelines, and keeping a log of all volunteers approved.

Information Officer/Webmaster:

  • Manages the League's official home page at suisunlittleleague.com
  • Manages the online registration process (coordinating, updating and maintaining on-line registration).
  • Ensures that League news and scores are updated on a regular basis.
  • Collects, posts, and distributes important information on League activities to Little League Baseball, district, public, league members.
  • Prepare forms and handouts for registration (registration forms, volunteer signup forms, contact list of directors, player’s clinic, coaches and umpire clinics).
  • Responsible for setup of player database for current year.
  • Responsible for creating team rosters (coordinate with Player Agent, VP, and Division Director) after drafts.
  • Ensures that league rosters are maintained on the Little League data center (coordinating, updating and maintaining League Rosters, submitting all League Rosters to Little League International).
  • Schedules
  • Oversee and coordinate with the President, Fundraising director, and League Information Officer all League Publicity campaigns, including but not limited to announcements, registration, clinics, seminars, articles, etc.
  • Places signage and newspaper ads for league registration dates

Equipment Director:

  • Responsible for the upkeep and maintenance of all player equipment.
  • Coordinates with the Vice President to receive all equipment bags back from the managers at the end of the season (or the end of all-star season).
  • Maintains an inventory of all equipment in each bag to ensure that all equipment is returned and that equipment which has exceeded its life expectancy is replaced.
  • Inspects all equipment, removing damaged, worn, or unsafe equipment, and replaces with new equipment.
  • Orders all new equipment.
  • Prepares all equipment bags for distribution each new season with size appropriate equipment for each division.
  • Provides scorebooks and pitch-count books to appropriate teams.
  • Responsible for ordering and distributing all uniforms for players and managers, including the regular season, all-stars and other post-season teams. Will need the quantities, sizes, and colors for each team.
  • Work at registration helping parents select the shirt sizes for each player.
  • Have uniforms available for distribution at Team Parent meeting.

Umpire in Chief:

  • Responsible for the hiring, training, and scheduling of all umpires for baseball.
  • Coordinates with the Safety/Training Officer to schedule all umpire training clinics, seminars, etc.
  • Organizes and directs all training clinics, seminars, etc.
  • Coordinates with the Vice President and Field Scheduling Coordinator to prepare all umpire work schedules.

Fundraising Director:

  • Contact and maintain relationships with sponsors. 
  • Responsible for ordering all sponsorship signs.
  • Responsible for the coordinating of all sponsorship activities, including but not limited to:  scoreboard signs, outfield signs, concession stand signs.
  • Coordinates with the Treasurer to make sure that all sponsorships are paid.
  • Coordinates with the Fields and Grounds Director to make sure correct sponsorship signs are placed on buildings, scoreboards, etc in the park.
  • Sets up team pictures with photographer and coordinates dates and times.

Concessions Director:

  • Responsible for staffing the concession stand, including training the adult volunteers who can manage the stand.
  • Make sure the stand is clean and money put away at the end of the night.
  • Responsible for coordinating any special Snack Shack functions such as BBQ's, etc.
  • Responsible for ordering/purchasing what is needed to keep the shelves stocked.
  • Purchases and provides budget/pricing for all items offered for sale at the Snack Bar
  • Purchases, picks up and delivers goods

Coaching Coordinator:

  • Oversees all Manager/Coach activities.
  • Coordinates with the Safety/Training Officer and the Player Agent to insure that all managers, coaches and players at all levels are receiving proper instruction.
  • Responsible for coordinating all coaching clinics, training, and handles communication with the Coaches/Managers

Fields and Grounds:

  • Maintain scoreboards--repairs, maintenance
  • Manage watering and fertilizing of fields
  • Organize preparation of fields for the season and special events
  • Ensures all garbage cans are emptied on a regular basis

Volunteer and Event Coordinator

  • Coordinate and oversee creation of volunteer opportunities
  • Updates volunteer opportunities within S.A.L.L. website
  • Tracks volunteer hours and eligibility for volunteer deposit refund
  • Manages team parent responsibilities
  • With assist. From information officer, sends notifications of upcoming events, needs for volunteers and additional information to team parents
  • Coordinates events with board of directors