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Question: When are tryouts? Does T-Ball hold tryouts? Do Jr. Little League players have to tryout? Are there tryouts for Challenge Baseball?
Answer: T-Ball and Coach Pitch do not hold tryouts. Once the AL-machine pitch draft is complete, coach pitch and T-Ball teams will be formed and parents will be contacted by a coach the first week of March. Tryouts for American League, National League and Major League baseball are typically held the middle of February to avoid conflicts with President's Day weekend.  Tryouts for Jr. Little League (13 and 14 year old players) are held the first weekend in April. Challenge team tryouts are held each spring and fall season to give every player equal opportunity of making one of the teams.  During the spring challenge tryouts are typically the first or second weekend in February.  For the fall season challenge tryouts typically occur the third weekend in August.  Consult the league calendar on the MPTLL website for specific dates each season.
Question:  Do players tryout in the fall?
Answer:  No, regular season fall teams are compiled by a group of coaches.  The coaches try their best to create equally skilled teams for competitive balance.  Players hoping for a spot on a challenge team are required to tryout in the fall.
Question:  What can my player expect at tryouts?
Answer: A lot of times, tryouts can be more nerve-racking for parents as opposed to their Little Leaguer.  Click here to learn more information about what happens during tryouts.