Southern Utah Lacrosse

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Bring your Boys and Girls VARSITY AND JUNIOR VARSITY lacrosse teams for preseason tournament fun in the Mesquite, Nevada sunshine!



Announcing the 5th Annual Lax Rox Winter Invitational Lacrosse Tournament in Mesquite, Nevada. This year hosting Varsity and Junior Varsity teams for both boys and girls. We are excited to host teams from three states! Come play against other great teams from outside your area! Sanctioned teams will only play sanctioned teams.

Bring your team for some great preseason games to start your 2020 LAX season off right!



Mesquite Regional Sports and Event Complex

1635 World Champion Way

Mesquite, Nevada 89034


Registration Fees:

$1000 Varsity

$800 Junior Varsity 


Space is limited, and spaces are reserved on a first PAID basis.  No spaces will be held without payment of fees.  All participants are required to be US Lacrosse Members. A complete roster of players is required at check-in.  NO teams will be allowed to play until verification of US Lacrosse Membership is completed for each and every participant.

Tournament Guarantees:

  • Each Team is guaranteed four (4) full tournament style (2-21 min halves, 5 min halftime) games Friday evening and Saturday. We will do our best to schedule a break between games.
  • Certified US Lacrosse Officials.
  • Cold Water Coolers for filling water bottles.
  • Game Balls Provided (Do NOT take them!).
  • One (1) Scorekeeper / Timekeeper will be provided for each game. Teams are to provide their own statisticians and spotters. Hint: This would be a great time to have those people practice prior to the start of your official season.
  • No league games will be played during this tournament.
  • Food Concessions are provided onsite exclusively by SULAX.


Games will start on the hour.  Each field is equiped with a clock, and the game will follow that clock as directed by the game refs.

  • There will be no timeouts.
  • Injured players need to be moved from the field of play ASAP as the clock will not stop.
  • Tournament organizers reserve the right to adjust gameplay time to stay on schedule.


  1. All games will be officiated using the NFHS/US Lacrosse rules with modified game-time.
  2. Each game consists of two 21 minute running halves with a five (5) minute halftime.
  3. Each team will have Zero (0) timeouts.
  4. All games will be 10v10 on a 110x60 yard field.
  5. Games will run on sixty-minute (60 min) increments.
  6. All teams should be warmed up and ready to take the field for the next game. (Helmets required during pregame warm-up and practice time).

*Tournament Director reserves the right to alter game length and schedule in the event of schedule delays due to weather. Schedule changes will only be communicated to coaches. Please verify we have the right cell phone number at check-in.


  1. Tie games will immediately go to a three (3) minute sudden-death overtime beginning with a faceoff.
  2. If the game remains tied after one (1) overtime period, the game will end in a tie.

Age and Roster Regulations:

  1. All participants and coaches warrant that they are currently registered members of US Lacrosse.
  2. Every team administrator must submit their team roster prior to the tournament. Team rosters must include each player’s date of birth, graduation year, and all player and coaches’ US Lacrosse Membership #.
  3. Players must be grouped within their US Lacrosse age bracket
  4. Violation of these regulations may result in forfeiture of games.

Code of Conduct:

The LaxRox Tournament has a zero-tolerance policy for the following actions which will result in ejection from the tournament:

  1. Fighting
  2. Abusive language
  3. Any actions deemed excessively unsportsmanlike by a player, coach or fan.

*The Tournament Director will make the final decision on all disciplinary decisions including tournament ejections. Any player, fan, or coach who is ejected must leave the venue with no refund.

Tournament Cancellation/Inclement Weather Policy:

We will make every attempt to play every minute of every game but the safety of players and all tournament attendees comes first. If lightning is observed at any location, gameplay will be suspended immediately.

Every attempt will be made to update cancellations on the website. However, the weather conditions can change rapidly and all teams should be prepared to play as soon as weather clears and fields are playable.

In the event of adverse weather or unplayable field conditions, Tournament Organizers reserve the right to:

  • Reschedule games, if possible.
  • Reduce game times in order to catch up with the schedule.
  • Finish game before inclement weather arrives, or to preserve field conditions.

Facility owners, not tournament organizers, have final say on whether the tournament will take place due to weather and field conditions.

In the event of a weather-related change in schedule, the following plans will be implemented: If it is the second half, the game will be considered final and the score at that point will be recorded. If it is the first half, when play resumes it will be the start of the second half. Every attempt will be made to begin subsequent games on time. If the start of the second half of the suspended game delays the onset of the subsequent game the following actions will occur:

  • The game suspended will play one fifteen (15) minute running time second half.
  • Subsequent games will begin immediately after proceeding games. These games will consist of two fifteen (15) minute running halves until games are back on schedule.
  • Once games are back on schedule they will revert to the planned time schedule.

All events have fixed expenses related to field rental & facilities, set-up costs, insurance, personnel and other matters regardless of cancellation due to weather. Accordingly, no teams will receive full refunds of the registration fee if the tournament is canceled due to weather.


Any questions please email