Falls Church Kiwanis Little League, Falls Church, VA

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Player Agent

(Currently Seeking an Assistant Player Agent!!)


Goal of Position: The Player Agent is directly responsible for organizing ~500 Players in Virginia’s oldest Little League.  The Player Agent is the connection between the parents and the league, helping insure that all players are treated in a fair and equitable manner.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

*Conduct tryouts, drafts, and player selection & transaction activities

*Oversee communications related to registration and assessments

*Receive and review applications and registrations

*Prepare the Player Agent’s list for developing the structure of the league for each season

*Manage all Player transactions and keep appropriate documentation

*Prepare rosters and other required documentation for Little League Headquarters

*Promote the league in local publications, social media, etc., to build awareness in the community and drive new membership roles

*Other related activities as required


Approximate Time Commitment:

In general, less than an hour every day to communicate with parents, more so when registration is open, through opening day. Two weekends in February for assessments, 12-15 hours for tabulation of scores, building the structure in March, and conducting the drafts and forming the teams.  Repeat for Fall Ball, but lower-intensity and without the assessments.


Worksite: Administrative work can be completed from anywhere; role also requires attendance at assessments, drafts, and monthly Board meetings.  Access to internet, mobile devices, etc., needed.


The ideal candidate will:

*Be well-organized, detail-oriented, and committed to quality

*Pass a background check

*Preferably have some baseball knowledge

*Have an interest in youth sports, but children currently playing in FCKLL are not required

*Knowledge of Excel and Social Media experience helpful


Reports to:

FCKLL League President


INTERESTED? Contact today to learn more!


Once the new Player Agent is identified, he/she will work under the current

Player Agent’s tutelage for a season, to ensure a smooth transition.