Falls Church Kiwanis Little League, Falls Church, VA

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For more than 70 years, our league (the oldest in Virginia) has provided a fantastic experience for hundreds of kids--all thanks to neighbors ike you. 

We need 100+ volunteers to make our season a success. You can volunteer to help your child's team or division, or the entire league; many volunteer roles require no prior baseball experience. 

Whatever skill you have, we can use your help. 

If you can fill one of the roles listed below, or would like more information, please email our 

Available League Roles:‚Äč

  • President
  • AAA Level Coordinator
  • One Single A Manager (Fall 2020)
  • Offseason training & Fall Ball coordinator
  • Challengers program lead 
  • Legal Counsel & Government Liaison
  • Player & Volunteer Recruitment
  • Grantwriter
  • Assistant Player Agent
  • Assistant Treasurer
  • Assistant VP Operations
  • Field Captain (pre-game field readiness, at one or more specific fields)

Team-specific Roles

·       Manager. Organizes practices and coaches sets line ups and oversees total team operation. 

·       Coaches. Help the manager run practices and games, and offer individual instruction to players. Each team should have at least two coaches.

·       Bench Parent. Gets players ready to bat, helps players who come off the field, helps younger catchers get in and out of gear. 

·       Team Parent. Organizes parents and sets schedules to provide post-game snacks and drinks. Sharing a team snack after a game is a valuable way to help our kids interact, make new friends, and enhance social skills. 

·       COVID Coach. Ensures compliance with safety protocols and equipment rules.