Northeast Seattle girls youth lacrosse program focused on gaining skills, building confidence, and promoting sportsmanship in a positive environment.



Required Equipment

The following equipment is required for all players.

  • Women's/girl's lacrosse stick - legal sticks

  • Protective eyewear/goggles OR headgear/helmet

    • Eyewear/goggles MUST be SEI certified  (click USA Lacrosse, Eye and Face Protect, Eye Protection for Women's Lacrosse, Eye Protectors for Women's Lacrosse to see the legal brands and models​)

    • Specific eyewear recommendations (should be able to fit most glasses under all of below if needed):

    • Headgear/helmet MUST meet ASTM standard F3137 (click USA Lacrosse, Head Protection, Headgear for Women's Lacrosse to see the legal brands and models)

    • Specific helmet recommendations:

  • Mouthguard

    • Must fully cover teeth and be visible color (no clear, white, no teeth graphics) and have no protruding tabs.

    • Mouthguards come in different sizes, so purchase the best fit for your daughter.

    • Sepecific recommendations:

    • Tip: Store mouthguard in a case. Rinse mouthguard with water after each use. Clean regularly with toothpaste, mouthwash, or soap and water to prevent bacterial growth.

  • Grass cleats

    • We ecommend players wear cleats instead of sneakers or running shoes as cleats will provide more traction and improve safety.

Optional Equipment

The following is optional for all players.

  • Womens/girls lacrosse gloves - some players like these for grip on their stick, or for some increased warmth

  • Turf cleats

    • Practices at Magnuson are on turf; games may be on turf or grass

    • Grass cleats work perfectly well on turf

  • Goalies use a different stick and require additional equipment for safety, which is provided by Doublecrosse for each team. Players who only play goalie may opt to purchase their own, but is not required.

Additional details on women's equipment from USA Lacrosse.

Where to Purchase Equipment

What Players Wear

  • Practices: Players should wear athletic clothing such as shorts/sweats/leggings and shirt with additional layers as needed. Wear reversible Doublecrosse jersey over clothing for teams who receive jerseys.

  • Games: Same as practices, but clothing colors should be black/white/grey.

Additional Suggested Items

We strongly suggest players come to practices and games with extra layers and prepared for rainy and cold weather.

  • Athletic/warm pants

  • Sweatshirt/warm jacket

  • Waterproof jacket

  • Thin gloves

  • Warm hat/headband

  • Large trash bag/waterproof bag to keep bag dry