Northeast Seattle girls youth lacrosse program focused on gaining skills, building confidence, and promoting sportsmanship in a positive environment.



We are hiring a paid coach for the following team:

  • 8U (grade 2)

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14U Coaches

Anna Boyle

I am so excited to be coaching for Doublecrosse this season! I played both boys and girls indoor and outdoor lacrosse from 4th grade to my freshman year of college at UW. I played boys lacrosse for LFP Shoreline in elementary school because at the time there weren't many programs for girls my age in my area, then I found Doublecrosse in middle school, Cascade Clash/Seattle Starz in middle and high school, and was on Varsity all four years at Nathan Hale High School (my high school, Shorecrest, did not have girls lacrosse). After graduating from UW in 2020, I started working at a small private school in Kirkland as an Instructional Assistant. I have done private lacrosse lessons for a small group of kids from the school I teach at, so I am looking forward to coaching. Some of my favorite memories and best friends came from my lacrosse years, and I can't wait to give back to the program that got me started in girls lacrosse!



Sydney Spadinger

I grew up in Connecticut and started playing lacrosse in sixth grade. I quickly fell in love with the sport and pursued it through high school, where I was named captain my senior year. In addition to playing on my high school team, I also reffed and participated in a number of lacrosse summer camps, not thinking collegiate lacrosse was in my future. However, I was encouraged by a coach at one such camp to try free agenting in some lacrosse tournaments, a scene typically dominated by select and club teams. Through this process, I was blessed with the opportunity to pursue a college lacrosse career at Vassar College, a DIII school that competes in the Liberty League in New York State. I played all four years, where I started my last two years, predominantly as a defensive-midfielder.

I moved out to Seattle after graduating in 2017 and have been on the search for a lacrosse outlet ever since. When I heard about Doublecrosse I was interested in getting involved since it reminded me of the program where I got my start, one that emphasizes learning, sportsmanship, community, and of course, fun! While I have had some coaching experience in the past, this is the first time I will be one of the head coaches and I could not be more excited. Lacrosse has had such a positive influence on me and has helped shaped me into the person I am today. I hope to lay a similar foundation to the one I was given for these girls so they can have wonderful experiences and memories as I did through this amazing game.


Team Parents Tim Koeppe & Erika Teschke

12U Coaches

Chloe Louillier

I grew up near Portland Oregon and started playing lacrosse in 5th grade. At the time, there was no girls team so I had to play on the co-ed team, which meant I played BOYS lacrosse (helmet, pads, and all). Luckily in 6th grade, we had a girls team and I've been playing attack ever since. I played all through college and am currently part of a women's league here in Seattle. 

I've been coaching since I was in high school. Primarily coaching elementary-aged kids at summer camps. I also coached a Middle School team throughout college! I went to school in Minnesota - you don't know cold until you've played a lax season in MinneSNOWta. 

I've been a coach with Doublecrosse since 2018 and love watching the girls improve each year. As a coach, I value a positive attitude, teamwork, and most importantly having fun. Let's go Doublecrosse!!! 

PS. check out my favorite trick shot from HS! (I'm the one in white!)


Sophie Louillier

I grew up near Portland, OR, and began playing lacrosse starting in 4th grade with some summer skills camps, moving to a coed team the following year (like my sister, Chloe, I also had to wear a helmet/pads and play with the, ew, boys!). I played on indoor and traveling club teams throughout middle and high school, and joined the Varsity Team as an attacker starting my freshman year. I was named team captain my junior and senior years. My love for lacrosse did not end, even though I played club rugby when I attended college on the east coast - I definitely have had my fair share of contact sports! I have coached lacrosse summer camps in the past, and stress the importance of commitment to teamwork and coming to practice ready to play. I am looking forward to helping the 5/6 Team improve their lacrosse skills and have a fun and safe season. Get ready for this Doublecrosse sister dream team!! 


Team Parent Stacey Guerrero

10U Coaches

Jane Anderson