Sycamore Lacrosse Association focuses on the development and instruction of girls and boys lacrosse players from kindergarten through grade six in the northeastern Cincinnati, Ohio area.

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Sycamore Girls Youth Lacrosse

This page contains information about practice and game times/dates, equipment requirements, Mission, Goals/Philosophies, and Issue Resolution Policies .

The Youth program is comprised of boys and girls from grades K through 6. The season will run from the third week of February to the end of May. The breakdown of general information and teams will consist of the following:

General Information:   

US Lacrosse Membership Requirement:

Each player will register for a US Lacrosse membership which will provide a secondary/supplemental medical insurance policy to potentially aid a player who's injuries result from a US Lacrosse recognized practice/game/tournament. They also provide funding, organization, and guidance to our Southwest Ohio Chapter of US Lacrosse. 

Uniform & Equipment: Each player is required to purchase a team uniform consisting of a reversible jersey. A black kilt or shorts of your choice are also required. Goalie equipment is provided for use by the team.


Each girl needs their own sticks, goggles, mouth guard, and proper footwear (rubber cleats). Girl's lacrosse gloves can be worn, if the player chooses.

Fields:  Sycamore Lacrosse association is not affiliated with the Sycamore Schools however we are permitted to use many of the fields for games and practices. The Sycamore High School practice fields, Greene Intermediate, and occasionally the Sycamore Junior High Stadium.   Away games will be played throughout the Greater Cincinnati area.

Play: The spring youth schedule consists of weekly practices and weekend games against other local teams.  Typically each team plays around 10-15 games per season. The teams will generally participate in at least one tournament either during the season or perhaps at the conclusion of the regular season.

Our main focus with the youth is to develop proper lacrosse fundamentals and techniques. We try to enjoy the process, and hope to be competitive along the way.


Girls Teams    

Lightning "D" Team(K - 2nd) -This level is designed to teach girls basic lacrosse fundamentals while having fun! During games coaches are on the field to instruct and ref. This program usually begins in March and continues through mid-May. Historically practices have occurred one day per week (Wednesdays 5:30-6:30), though we may increase to two weekly practice until games begin, then back down to weekly practice. Ultimately practices days and times will be established by our parent coach's availability. Games are Sundays in the early afternoon within the Cincinnati area.   

"C" Team(3rd - 4th) - This level continues to teaches the basic lacrosse fundamentals and expand on skills gained at the "D" level. This level is also designed for the first time lacrosse player. Proper catching, passing, and cradling is emphasized to all.    Practices days and times will be established by our parent coach's availability.   Practices will likely occur at Sycamore High School as in years past. This year there will be 2 practices days per week (historically 5:30-7:00pm Monday & Wednesday ) though times/days will be established by our parent coach's availability. Games are generally Saturdays in the Cincinnati area.   

"A" and "B"(5th - 6th) - This level will advance skills learned at the C and D levels, though first time players are welcomed. Practices days and times will be established by our parent coach's availability. This year there will be 2 practices days per week (historically 5:30-7:00pm Monday & Wednesday ) though times/days will be established by our parent coach's availability. Games are generally Saturdays in the Cincinnati area.   


Mission, Goals/Philosophies, Issue Resolution:   

Mission:  To have a positive effect on the lives of our players by teaching them the game of lacrosse and sharing the many lessons available through playing team sports. 


·       Develop the proper techniques (fundamentals first) for playing lacrosse.

·       Adhere to the “Honor the Game” Philosophy as stated through
US Lacrosse – Respect the “ROOTS” of positive play:

o   Rules:  We refuse to bend the rules to win

o   Opponents:  A worthy opponent is a gift that brings out our best

o   Officials:  Show respect even when we disagree

o   Teammates:  Never do anything to embarrass our team

o   Self:  We live up to our own standards even when others don't

·       Encouragement is at the forefront of all messages we send the kids

·       Keep it FUN for players and coaches – if it’s not, they won’t come back

·       Stay “Light-hearted” as coaches, share laughs, don’t take it all too serious

·       Ask for each player’s “best”, understanding everyone’s “best” is relative

Issue Resolution Policies:

·       If a non-critical issue (i.e. playing time, position played, etc.) arises for a player or a player’s parent/guardian, 24 hours should pass before addressing the issue with the coach.

·       If a critical issue (player or coach game misconduct, abusive fan, etc.) arises for any player, coach, parent/guardian, or visitor the SYL Board will use their discretion to address the issue in a timely manner, immediately if needed.