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Baseball Goals 13-14 Years Old GOALS:

1) Throwing Mechanics and Pitching:

  • Emphasis on generating momentum toward the target and following the throw.
  • Curveballs/breaking balls
  • Change-ups
  • Pitching Mechanics and using the body effectively
  • Pick-off mechanics
  • Drill Work
    • -Chair drills
    • -Towel drills
  • Introduction to long toss

2) Hitting

  • Introduce situational hitting
    • -Inside-out swing
    • -hitting behind runners
    • -hit and run -productive outs
  • Sacrifice bunting versus bunting for a hit
  • Understanding the count

3) Base Running

  • First and third situations
  • Steal Breaks
  • Delayed Steals
  • Reading situations and reacting to them

4) Fielding

  • Generating Momentum back toward the target on throws when necessary
  • Cross over and drop steps
  • Backhands and when to use them
  • Double play depth
  • Pitcher covering first
  • Infield communication

5) Learning Team Fundamentals

  • Pick-off plays
  • Full bunt defenses
  • Full first and third defenses
  • Pop-up and fly ball priorities
  • Double plays and underhand flips