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Player Sponsorship

If you are interested in sponsoring a player via a "Scholarship" than please contact Stacy Kinnaly at lacrosse@hyasports.com.

A $320 Scholarship (or less) will pay for a player's full registration, and equipment.


Equipment/ Program Sponsorship

Each year the Hampton Lacrosse Program is needing to field Coaching & Field Equipment.  Through generous giving we've had donations in the past that included new steel lacrosse goals, End of Season Field Repair & recently 2 new digital scoreboards.  If interested please contact Terry Kimball at .

Items we could use this year (partial donations accepted!): 

  • Indoor Time for Pre-Season Efforts:  Up to $500+ per Weekend
  • 1 Box of Balls (1 Box Needed per Team):  $440+ per Box
  • Team League Registrations, $160+ per Team
  • Field Lining for Practices & Games:  $2,500+
  • Officiating Costs for the Season (cannot publish)
  • There are other Operational Costs to learn about if you are interested .....

*** We Can Accommodate Advertisement for your Company if you are Interested **


Used Equipment & Goals

As you begin your spring cleaning keep the Hampton Youth Lacrosse program in mind. Each year we outfit a small group of new players with equipment. Without this equipment they would not be able to afford the game.  If you have used equipment you may drop it off at 4 Pine Road in Hampton and just leave it on the front steps if no one is home.  Or a scheduled pickup can be arranged.
Also, if you have an old goal sitting in your back yard that you would like to get out of the yard please let me know. I will happily make arrangements to come by and pick up the goal. This season we will have over 200 players playing on U9, U11, U13, & U15 boys and girls teams. We also have an additional 100 K-2 Program.   We need more playing space and more goals than ever before.