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Below is the Coach & Staff calendar, coaches must enter any and all conflicts for practices and competitions, and must also send an email to Jared and Nesa to advise of any upcoming conflicts. It is expected that coaches record all conflicts regardless if you think they are covered within your team coaching staff. i.e. Head Coach, Assistant Coach. We will also record all out of area team travel here. Any recurring conflicts for practices and or competition dates must be discussed with Nesa and Jared so that we can set expectations and ensure that all teams are covered.

For instances when a coach is sick, please do everything possible to be present for all competition dates, unless you are contagious or are so sick that you can't coach. It is expected that you will work with your team coaching staff to ensure coverage for practices and competitions. You must notify Jared and Nesa of all instances when you are feeling ill or can't make a practice or competition. 

Club Email (Jared & Nesa will receive) to notify of illness:

If Same Day Illness, please notify coaches that are scheduled at the same facility, be it practice or tournament. 

Coaches Calendar Link: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/render?tab=oc#main_7

Jared's Cell: 206.353.1248

Nesa's Cell: 253.315.4634