Girls� hockey program in Rochester, New York, USA and the surrounding Monroe County region

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Travel Permit (pdf)

Any team that wishes to travel from the US to Canada to play a game or in a tournament is required to obtain a USA Hockey travel permit for each instance of travel to Canada. For tournament bound teams, a copy of the travel permit must be included in your credentials book. Travel Permits are not valid for an entire season.

A copy of the travel permit form can be found here. The form should be completed at least 3 weeks (4 preferred) prior to travel and submitted to the registrar of your chartering organization, who must submit the request to the NY state registrar.

Travel Documentation

Each of individually also require documentation to travel to and from Canada. This includes appropriate governement issued photo identification and/or birth certificate, and a highly recommended consent letter if your child is travelling with only one parent or someone else.

The latest information can be found here: