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Waterford Soccer Club Refund Policy



  • This policy applies to registration fees paid directly to Waterford Soccer Club (WSC) either online or in person.
  • The principle behind WSC’s refund policy is to allow a  reasonable period of time following registration for parents/players to withdraw, while still safeguarding the long-term financial stability of the club.
  • WSC commits to program expenditures once registration numbers are determined. These expenses are not recoverable to the club if/when a member withdraws.
  • Removing a player from the program is a significant disruption and should be a last resort.
  • All refund requests must be made in writing to the WSC Registrar by the individual who paid the fee(s) Please allow 4 – 6 weeks for refunds to be processed.
  • The final amount of any refund will be at WSC boards discretion.


Full Refund: Waterford Soccer Club will allow registered players to withdraw from our program for any reason prior to teams being announced, and receive a full refund of registration fees.


Partial (50%) Refund: Players may withdraw up to two weeks after Opening Day (considered to be Saturday, the weekend the season starts) and receive a 50% refund of registration fees.


No Refund:  Players who withdraw later than two weeks into the season (as described above) are not eligible to receive any refund, unless there is a documented injury preventing the player from participating.  WSC requires documentation from a medical professional prior to issuing a refund.


Uniform Refund: Registration fees are considered to be the portion of all fees which are paid to participate in the program and exclude fees for uniforms and late fees.  Any fees paid for uniforms or late fees are non-refundable at any time.


Registration Insurance:

Registration insurance has been offered by some of our website providers.  This is a third party program which WSC have no control over.  WSC cannot be responsible for claims made against this insurance, nor is WSC able to assist with the process of filing a claim – WSC has no involvement in this insurance whatsoever.

Exceptions to any of the above policies may be made at the sole discretion of the WSC Board of Directors.  Due to the volunteer nature of our program, refunds may take up to six weeks to process.


Questions regarding this policy should be directed to the WSC Registrar.