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FAQs for Team Administrators


  1.  Generally, what is the workload for a team administrator?

The workload for a team administrator is heavy during the team formation process , which occurs in July and August, prior to the official start of the season. When the season begins, the workload is approximately 1-2 hours per week. 


  1. What are some of the major tasks that a team administrator oversees?

The routine tasks consist of the following:

  1. Completing the team registration process through GotSoccer, under the direction of the travel league coordinator and the director of travel programs (see question 3 for more information)
  2. Coordinate with WWPSA Travel Excutive Committee for the ordering new uniforms through the Ewing Sport uniform purchase system (every two years)
  3. Scheduling away games with the opposition team manager/coach. All game scheduling is reported to the Director of Coaching to ensure trainer availability. The scheduling of home games is coordinated by the DOC
  4. Communicate home game logistics (kickoff time, field location, etc.) with opposing teams.
  5. Collecting team dues and managing the team bank account. New teams need to create a team bank account. This account can be opened in a parent's name or by using a non-profit ID (commonly used banks: TD, Santander)
  6. Communicating training and game reminders to parents through the League Athletics email system on a weekly basis
  7. Handling game day tasks which include: the check-in process with the game official, paying officials, and making sure home fields have corner flags and a game ball
  8. Paying the league team dues when invoices are distributed
  9. Registering for any tournaments the team will be entering
  10. Updating the League Athletics website with practice/game schedules during the season

The team administrator typically assigns most of these tasks to other parents, and simply oversees the execution during the season.


  1. What does team registration consist of?


Team registration consists of collecting the following documentation from each player: 1) a 1x1 photo; 2) SAGE Form; 3) Player membership form; 4) Medical release; 5) Proof of Birth document. All of these documents are compiled into a team binder, alphabetically by player last name.

The next step is to log in to GotSoccer.com using the team’s login and password, and creating the team roster. This is done in August of every year. After the roster is complete online, print the roster. Create a carding package which includes copies of the player membership form, SAGE form, medical release, and proof of birth. Prepare the binder (again, alphabetically), and deliver this and the printed roster to the travel league coordinator.  The travel league coordinator will generate player passes and deliver the carding package to the league office for authorization. The travel league coordinator will contact you when authorized player passes and roster are ready for pick up.

Once this process is complete, the team binder, with player passes, needs to be brought to every game.



  1. What are the main roles a team needs to maintain? (team administrators are encouraged to delegate some of these roles to increase parental involvement)

The team administrator’s principal role is to handle team logistics. This does not necessarily mean handling every task on his or her own. The most effective team administrators understand and value the importance of delegation.  There are a number of team volunteer roles that the league created as a guide to help team administrators encourage parental involvement.

  1. Team registrar: handles the registration process
  2. Uniform coordinator: completes uniform ordering for new teams, and every two years thereafter
  3. Sunburst coordinator: coordinates parent volunteers for team Sunburst Tournament responsibilities
  4. Team treasurer: opens and manages team bank account and writing of checks. Responsible for cash payments to referees
  5. SAGE Representative: attends SAGE training (one evening) and disseminates information to parents. SAGE stands for Set A Good Example, and is a NJYS program to encourage positive parental behavior.
  6. Team social coordinator
  7. Team photographer
  8. Team volunteer sub coordinator: In the event a trainer cannot make a game, a sub manager simply manages the substituting of players on the sideline. (Sub manager must obtain F License and coaching pass. See Question 11)



  1. What is the relationship between a team administrator and the team trainer?


The team administrator makes no soccer-related decisions for the team. The administrator handles team logistics so the team trainer is able to focus on coaching the team in training and in games. With that said, administrators and their trainers should be in continuous communication regarding scheduling and any team-related issues that may arise.


6. How should concerns about playing time be addressed?

First and foremost, concerns about playing time and or soccer-related concerns need to follow the 24-hour rule. This rule states that 24 hours should pass between time of concern and the initiation of contact. Concerns should then be addressed to the trainer either on the phone or via email. If the issue remains, the Director of Coaching may enter the conversation. The team administrator should not address issues regarding playing time or coaching decisions, but should instead defer to the coach to answer questions.


7. How often should team meetings be held?

Team meetings should be held prior to the start of each season, with the team administrator and the team trainer. This meeting is to discuss the plan for the upcoming season, and is a chance for the trainer to speak about the plan for the team moving forward. These meetings can be held at the training field or at a parent’s house. If held at a field, the meeting must not interfere with the trainer’s other coaching responsibilities.


  1. What is the best way to budget for the upcoming year?


When accepting an offer by the club to play for a team, parents pay an initial registration fee via the WWPSA registration system. The registration fee consists of a club fee, a volunteer bond, and a team fee. The team fee covers a portion of the spring professional training fees, and is deducted from the total amount due on the spring invoice.

The club will invoice teams for professional training fees/tournament fees in September (for the fall season) and in March (for the Spring season.) The amount the team owes will be divided up based on how many players are on the team, and teams will generally have 2 weeks to collect this money.  It is always good to keep a little extra money in the account. Total fees can vary by team but generally the breakdown is as follows:


Training 75% of total fees

Tournaments 10% of total fees

Referees 10% of total fees

Miscellaneous 5% of total fees

Uniform costs are not included in the above.


  1. When do travel seasons run?

There are fall and spring seasons. The fall season begins in late August and ends in late November; and the spring season starts begins and early March and ends in early June, in many cases with the WWPSA Sunburst Tournament. Indoor winter training is available for each team, but is optional.  The club offers a summer select program through Mercer FC, which is tryout driven.



  1. How many tournaments do teams do?


Teams are encouraged to participate in four tournaments per year (two each in the fall and spring.) Our club hosts the Sunburst Tournament the weekend after Memorial Day. Other tournaments the club often participates in are the South Brunswick Season Kick Off (September); Spookarama (Oct); and Monroe Tournament (April). Participation in the aforementioned is predicated upon player availability and appropriateness of team’s skill level. Teams are more than welcome to register for other tournaments, but must consult the Director of Coaching before doing so.  



  1. Who should obtain a volunteer coaching pass? How should they do so?


Team administrators and/or team substitute managers are the only parents that should obtain volunteer passes. This is done by registering for an NJYS F License Course at njyouthsoccer.com, completing the necessary paperwork, and being approved by the Director of Coaching to obtain the pass.


  1. Who are the important points of contact mentioned above:


  1. Tom Brogan - Travel Executive Committee
  2. Mike Donnelly - Sunburst Director, Travel Executive Committee
  3. James Moore - Chairman of the Board, Travel Executive Committee
  4. Ryan Barna - Recreation Director, Travel Executive Committee
  5. Ted Jahn - Travel Executive Committee
  6. Brent Nielsen- Director of Soccer Education, Travel Executive Committee


  1. When do tryouts take place?

Girls: Thurs, April 4 2019 and Tues, April 9 2019

Boys: Wed, April 3 2019 and Mon, April 8 2019

Team administrators should begin communicating tryout information in late February.


14. Are team administrators required to communicate through a certain domain?

All team administrators will receive access to a team email address, which will be used for all club related communications. The email is simply:   (example:  .)

Emails to the team should be sent through League Athletics on wwpsa.org. Communication to teams can be done directly via this platform.


  1. Can teams have more than one administrator?


Yes, but no more than two parents should serve as team administrators.


  1. How do I pay officials?


The team treasurer, or whomever is managing the team bank account, must make sure he/she has the exact referee fees per game.

Once you deposit team funds in a bank account, ask the bank to provide 10 envelopes with the exact referee fee, in cash, for each game.  The 10 envelopes will cover the 10 games for the fall season.  The MNJYSA referee fees, by age group, are as follows:

U08 = $46  (25 minutes halves)
U09 = $46  (30 minutes halves)
U10 = $46  (30 minutes halves)
U11= $50  (30 minutes halves)
U12 = $50  (35 minutes halves)
U13 = $66  (35 minutes halves)U14 = $66  (35 minutes halves)

Each team is responsible for bringing this amount to a game (one team will pay the center ref - which equals the fee above. The other team will pay the assistant refs - who split the fee above).  If assistant referees do not come, the two teams will instead simply split the center ref fee (each paying half the fee listed above). Referees only accept cash.


Tip: ask the bank to split the cash in the envelope in two equal halves. For example, the U10 fee per game is $46.  Ask the bank for 10 envelopes with two $20s and six $1s so you can give two payments of $23 to the referees.

We do not pay referees for tournament games. These are included in the tournament fee.


17. If I have a question regarding team formation, whom do I contact?

The Director of Travel Programs is the point of contact when it comes to issues and inquiries regarding team formation. The Director of Coaching needs to focus his time on implementing the player development model.



18. How many hours per week will teams meet?

Teams will have two practice sessions per week that run 90-minutes each, and a league game which is typically on Sundays. There are ten league games per season. WWPSA competes in the MNJYS. Maximum travel time for a league game is 1 hour and 15 minutes (will exceed this only on occasion.)

Tournaments consist of 3 to 4 games over the course of a Saturday/Sunday.


19. What are the volunteer responsibilities of the parents on my team?

Each family pays a volunteer bond, and is required to volunteer 3 hours of service in order to recoup this bond.

IN ADDITION, each family is required to volunteer for three hours at the WWPSA Sunburst Tournament. Sunburst hours do NOT count toward the bond fulfillment. The Sunburst coordinator for your team will help facilitate the volunteer assignments for the parents on your team. As a Team Administrator, you have fulfilled both your bond requirement AND your Sunburst requirement, and are exempt from further service.


20. How can I find contact information for opposing teams?

Follow these steps:

1. Go to the MNJYS website, then click on People Search (top of page in blue bar).
2. You don't need to enter a name. Go to "user type" and highlight Team Contact.

3. Select the search criteria you want to use to narrow your search (for example, you may just be looking for a team contact within one club. In that case, select just that club.)

4. If you just want a master list of all team contacts in the whole league, use this: http://www.mnjysa.org/SeasonRegTeamsPrintable.aspx