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Archdiocese of NY

2019/2020 CYO Season Rosters  


In the spirit of fair play, all CYO Parish Coordinators are required to submit a team roster to the Archdiocese of NY CYO Office before a team's first CYO league game. The roster must include coach, player, and guardian contact information and the following information necessary to determine player and team eligibility: player gender, birthdate, grade, school and parishioner status.

Parish CYO Coordinators may delegate roster submission to coaches, but it is the Coordinator's responsibility to ensure all player information is accurate and complete. 

CYO Team rosters must be submitted on an Excel or CSV spreadsheet with all required fields included.  Rosters will no longer be accepted in PDF or print format. Receiving rosters in spreadsheet format has several benefits to the League:

a) Team Rosters will be added to the County websites and will be accessible by CYO Management for eligibility verification.

b) Parish Coordinators will have secure access to their own parish rosters in order to view, download, or send email messages.

c) Parish Coordinator will be given the option to provide coaches secure access to their specific Team rosters.  If provided, a coach will be able to view or email his/her team roster and receive automatic notification of any game changes affecting the


Timeline for Roster Submission

Rosters are due by November 1, 2019. A team will receive an automatic forfeit on all league games played before a team roster is submitted. Any updates to a roster after submission must be received no later than December 1.  Updates also need to be submitted in an Excel or CSV file.       


How to Submit a Roster

Roster files should be named using the following format: COUNTY_PARISH_SEASON (Example: Westchester_StJoseph_20192020.).  Please attach the roster file in an email and send to


Roster File

Rosters must be submitted on an Excel or CSV file with all required fields included.  It is preferred that each Parish Coordinator include the rosters for all Parish Teams on a single spreadsheet. However, if necessary, each Team's roster may be submitted on a separate spreadsheet. 

Please use the link below to open and download a sample roster template. There are prompts and help provided in the template.




These are the fields required in the CYO NY roster file: 

Required Roster File Column Headers are as follows:

Parish /School Name                                 Roster Template provides dropdown list of options

Team Division                                            Roster Template provides dropdown list of options

Team Color / Identifier                               Team color or Coaches Name to distinguish Teams in same Division 

Position (Player,Coach,Asst Coach)          Must specify Player, Coach, or Asst Coach  

First Name                                                 Player, Coach, or Asst Coach First Name

Last Name                                                 Player, Coach, or Asst Coach Last Name

Address                                                     Player, Coach, or Asst Coach Address

City                                                            Player, Coach, or Asst Coach City

State                                                          Player, Coach, or Asst Coach State

Zip                                                             Player, Coach, or Asst Coach Zip

Telephone (nnn-nnn-nnnn)                       Gaurdian phone for Player or Coach/Asst phone for Coach/Asst 

Email                                                         Gaurdian email for Player or Coach/Asst email for Coach/Asst 

Player's Guardian First Name                   Leave blank for Coach or Asst Coach                                                

Player's Guardian Last Name                   Leave blank for Coach or Asst Coach

Player's Gender (M/F)                               Leave blank for Coach or Asst Coach

Player's Birthday (mm/dd/yy)                    Leave blank for Coach or Asst Coach

Player's Grade (1-12)                                Leave blank for Coach or Asst Coach

Player's Parishioner Status(Y/N)               Leave blank for Coach or Asst Coach

Player's School Name                               Leave blank for Coach or Asst Coach


Help Creating Roster

Whether you are using a manual or online player registration process, please be sure your Player Registration Form asks for all of the information required on the roster that must be submitted to the CYO NY. 

If you are planning to use League Athletics for online player registration and would like help setting up your registration program(s) or downloading the required roster data from your system, please contact Rita McCabe via email:

If you have questions or need help submitting a roster form, please contact Seth Peloso via email: or phone: 646-794-2050.