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2021 Fall Traveling Fastpitch Softball
8U, 10U, 12U

Check back for registration.

(2020 Info listed below.)

8U/10U games will be scheduled on Saturdays and 12U/14U will be on Sundays.

Dates are scheduled below:

Week 1: August 8th for 8U/10U and August 9th for 12U and 14U

Week 2: August 15th for 8U/10U and August 16th for 12U and 14U (Savage Community Park Host site)

Week 3: August 22nd for 8U/10U and August 23rd for 12U and 14U

Week 4: August 29th for 8U/10U and August 30th for 12U and 14U (Savage Community Park Host site)

Week 5: September 12th for 8U/10U and September 13th for 12U and 14U

Week 6: September 19th for 8U/10U and September 20th for 12U and 14U (Savage  Community Park Host site)

Week 7: September 26th State Tourney for 8U/10U and September 27th State Tourney for 12U and 14U

*Please let your coaches know if your daughter cannot play any of the above dates.

Other Important Information:

The league games will consist of two games at a single site. Depending if you win, lose or split the double header games will determine where you play and who you play the next Saturday/Sunday.

Most teams will practice 1-2 times per week. 

We are flexible with other activities that your daughter may participate in.​ Just keep in communication with your coaches.

Age groups are as follows:

  • Born in 2004 or 2005 = 14U
  • Born in 2006 or 2007 = 12U
  • Born in 2008, 2009, or 2010 = 10U
  • Born in 2011 or 2012 = 8U ~ Girls must be 6 yrs old to play 8U. Girls that are born in 2010 may play 8U if the parents and coach feel she is best served at the younger age group. Either the girl is coming right from in-house or has only played 1 year of Traveling.

Cost:  $700 Per Team divided by the number of girls on each team, plus $31 insurance fee from BAC.  State Tournament gate fee for 8U only (about $20 to play for th season)

Team Formations:  Burnsville Coaches will meet and teams will be formed. More info to come...

Uniforms:  Coaches have decided to use existing uniform tops, Other pieces of the uniform are typically black pants, and black socks.

Equipment:  Helmet with face mask, glove, bat (can be borrowed with someone else), fielding facemask, bag, cleats (metal for 14/16U). Optional: batting glove

Hosting Fall Ball @ Savage Community:  We may host fall ball in order to recoup some funding from the spring/summer league cancellation and cancellation our 2020 Fireball Touranment.    Hosting weekends are August 15/16, August 30/31 and September 19/20.

Volunteering:  You may be expected to volunteer 4 hours if we are the host field. Your support really helps the program function smoothly and makes the league so much more enjoyable!  We thank you!!!

Communication:  Communication will be on this website, emails from your coach, and the social media platforms listed below. Please stay connected!