Premier youth lacrosse club in santa monica and los angeles, offering training and teams for beginners, as well as recreational and advanced players.


Dragons training follows our grade-based guidelines. Those guidelines specify what we teach at each grade level, and they are building blocks that form the foundation of our system. Although the guidelines build upon each other, they will be reviewed as necessary. For example, catching and throwing is part of the 2nd/3rd grade curriculum, but is also part of the training at every age group through at least 7th grade.


2nd/3rd Grades

  • Game rules
  • Lines on the field
  • Positions (Defense, Midfield, Attack)
  • Passing, catching, cradling and ground balls
  • How to play a face-off
  • Matching up
  • Man defense
  • Spacing


4th/5th Grades - Review material from 2nd/3rd plus:

  • Using the off-hand
  • Time and room shooting (shooting form)
  • Shooting on the run
  • Introduction of D pole and basic defensive skills
  • Transition offense and defense
  • Set offense and defense
  • Basic clear and ride
  • Man up and man down


6th Grade - Review material from 2nd/3rd and 4th/5th plus:

  • Improve off-hand skills
  • Understanding of offense and offensive sets
  • Slide packages
  • Specialty positions (Goalie, D-mid, LSM, Faceoff)
  • Understanding and remembering plays
  • Situational offense and defense
  • Substitutions 


7th Grade - Review material from 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th and 6th, plus:

  • Set ride
  • Set clear
  • Set man up and man down
  • Understanding the importance of spacing


8th Grade - Review material from 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th and 7th plus:

  • Reinforcing stick skills
  • Preparation for HS

HS - Review material from 2nd/3rd, 4th/5th, 6th, 7th and 8th plus:

  • Understand the game from top to bottom
  • Refresh stick skills to be comfortable executing any play coaches design