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A Parent's Guide to Brain Injuries in Sports


Sports provides people with an opportunity to get exercise, interact with others and to compete with others for a common goal. Regardless of the type of sport, these games and activities are for people of all ages. While competition is a major component of sports, it is the effort that participants put forth that makes sports unique.

However, during the course of competition injuries can and do occur. There are a variety of injuries that happen in sports ranging from cuts and bruises to sprains and breaks. But, one of the most severe types of injuries occur because of head injuries. A severe blow to the head or the head hitting the ground can cause brain injuries. Medical professionals in recent time have done extensive research on the effects of hits to the head. They have concluded that hits to the head can lead to Traumatic Brain Injuries, Concussions and other serious problems.

While sports is generally a safe activity, and precautions are in place to prevent injuries from happening, they do occasionally occur. To learn more about brain injuries we have provided a number of useful resources for parents and others looking for more information. We hope this information gives you a better understanding on head injuries. Of course, for more information about specific events, please contact a medical professional.