Al Hammell Fundamental Sports Inc. is a baseball organization that is creating programming designed to actively promote community-based sports in the Hudson Valley while working in the best interests of our local players.

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Taconic Rangers 17U and 16U North Showcase Program   

-The Taconic Rangers 17U and 16U North College Showcase Program is designed for serious travel baseball players in 10th-11th Grades (Select 9th Graders) who want to improve their game, play in a competitive travel baseball program, and who are interested in eventually playing baseball at the college level.

-These teams will travel to regional 17U and 16U College Showcase Tournaments and regional college campus events in the Summer of 2021.

Potential venues that these teams will attend will include:

  • Diamond Nation, Flemington NJ
  • New England Baseball Complex, Northborough MA
  • Battle at the Border, Port Chester, NY
  • Baseball Heaven, Yaphank, NY
  • Regional Div. 1 College Campus Showcase Team Events
  • Regional Perfect Game Events

-Tryouts for all interested players will be held as part of the 


-Please contact Coach Hammell at 845-527-0897 with any questions or for more details on this program.



Taconic Rangers 14U and 13U North Travel Baseball

-The Taconic Rangers 14U and 13U North Travel Baseball Program is designed for serious travel baseball players in the 7th-8th-9th Grades who want to improve their game; who want to play in a competitive travel baseball program; and who are interested in eventually playing baseball at the college level.

-The Taconic Rangers 14U and 13U North Travel Baseball Program is coordinated by Coach Al Hammell.

-Our program is designed to accept high level rising 14U/13U individual players who are looking for a competitive travel baseball home that would lead to college showcase roster opportunities in the future.

-We begin the process each year with enrollment into our 14U/13U Fall Prospect Program for player evaluation and player development opportunity. We will always use our 5-week 14U/13U Fall Prospect Program to help us make the best decisions on our player roster offers/team development for each following summer.

-The 14U/13U Fall Prospect Program consists of 5 workout sessions and live game play on the 5 Wednesday Evenings after Labor Day each fall.

-Players entering the 14U/13U Fall Prospect Program are NOT gauranteed a spot on a Taconic Rangers summer roster.

-The Taconic Rangers 14U and 13U North Travel Baseball Program final rosters and team coaches for the following summer are determined at the end of the 14U/13U Fall Prospect Program each fall.

-Questions? Call Coach Hammell at 845-527-0897

2020 14U/13U Prospect Program (Held 5 Wednesdays Evenings)



Arlington Community Educational Sports Inc. History

Program History:
   The Aces Dutchess Baseball Initiative project was initiated in the fall of 2011 through discussions and planning centered around attempting to build an organization that would work to serve the Arlington Central School District scholastic baseball/softball programs and the surrounding local communities in addressing the recent trends associated with the advent of multiple independent “travel” teams at the youth levels of baseball and the effect of such programs on our local youth community leagues and scholastic programs.

   The project was designed to incorporate both a mentorship based youth sports skills/core values development program, as well as incorporating a common sense, financially manageable streamlined approach to travel play and development for our youth level, middle school, and high school athletes.
   The Aces organization worked in a cooperative effort with the 
Arlington Central School District, Dutchess Community College, and the Dyson Foundation. The Dyson Foundation is a local foundation that works toward improving people's lives through grant funding, promoting philanthropy, and strengthening the capacity of nonprofit organizations. In addition to the foundation's support of the Aces organization, the foundation has also made a substantial commitment to the Arlington Central School District and to Dutchess Community College to initiate and provide funding for a staged facility improvement approach in supporting upgrades to the athletic facilities and equipment at the schools to help support the overall effort. The initial steps taken provided these staged facility upgrades that service both the baseball and softball programs and any other potential future sports programs that wish to become involved in this effort. To date, the Dyson Foundation has supported upgrades that have included the installation of a "Field Turf" infield surface for the baseball field; installation of indoor/outdoor batting cage facilities for baseball and softball at both AHS and DCC; the purchase of makeshift portable fencing and field equipment to transform the AHS soccer and football "Field Turf" fields into youth baseball/softball turf game fields; fencing upgrades to the AHS baseball/softball batting cages, dugouts, and bullpen areas; the installation of electrical lines to the AHS baseball/softball fields and the batting cage area; and the purchase of outdoor permanent and portable bleacher systems to be utilized on the baseball/softball fields and alternate AHS athletic fields during the fall season.
   The Aces organization, by design, is committed to working cooperatively within the local baseball community in Dutchess County by promoting community based baseball league play and supporting a strong mentorship based program philosophy by utilizing the current structure to build a youth sports development culture centered around the current high school and college players serving as role models, supporting, teaching, and mentoring younger players from our local communities.