Falls Church Kiwanis Little League, Falls Church, VA

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Majors Call Up Policy

  1. Temporary call up for a game due to illness, vacation, other conflict Manger is made aware of one (1) day or longer prior to game: Notify player agent and select player from list that will not conflict with scheduled AAA game. AAA player will play in both games. Optional for when game roster is from 11 to 9 players. Required for when roster is 8 or below for a game.
  2. Longer term call up: In the event of injury or other conflict that results in player missing three or more concurrent Majors events (games and practices, i.e. one week): Manager is required to notify Player Agent of issue and potential duration within three (3) days of injury during FCKLL event or two (2) days of parent notification. Select player within one (1) day from list provided by Player Agent. AAA player will be assigned to Majors roster until Majors player returns. The AAA player will attend all practices and games of only the Majors team, as a AA player will back fill his AAA roster position. In the event of injury, doctor's note required for Major player to return to roster.
  3. Permanent call up: In the event of injury that lasts the duration of the season, or player withdraw from league: Notify Player Agent of issue immediately, select player from list. AAA player will be assigned to Majors roster permanently and considered returning Majors player in next season.