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Emerald Coast Lightning Lacrosse conducts 3 major tournament events (Please click on links below):

Destin Surf-n-Turf Fall 7v7 at Morgan Sports Center in Destin, FL - NOVEMBER 11 & 12, 2017

Destin Spring Lacrosse Invitational - APRIL 2018 

Foley Beach Express Lacrosse Blast Tournament in Foley, AL - JUNE 2018



2017 Destin 7v7 SURF-n-TURF Lacrosse Tournament Info

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1. 7v7: 1-Goalie, 2-Def, 2-Middies, 2-Attack

2. Reduced Field Size (as close to 70x35yards as possible)
3. Standard Goal and Crease
4. 2-20min halves (5 min halftime)
5. Face offs to start halves only. 2nd middie is always to the left his f/o middie.
6. Quick restarts will be used after goals. Goalie retrieves ball and whistle to start.
7. When a team has a 6 goal lead, the losing team will start with a free clear at midfield
8. Offsides is more than 4 offensive players or more than 5 defensive players on their respective sides.
9. Absolutely NO take out the ball first.
10. All players called for a penalty must be substituted out, but no EMO will be played. The offended team will receive the ball at midfield and be given a quick fast break attempt while offending player is replaced by another team mate coming in from the midfield sideline.
11. Max of 3 long poles
12. 1 timeout (1 min) per half, no timeouts in the last 2 mins of the 2nd half.
13. 3 player sudden victory braveheart will be conducted to break ties. One player must stay behind mid field line at all times, does not matter which player.



Pool play will be allowed to end in a tie, as long as 3 or more teams are participating. Rankings will be deteremined by:

1. Head to head play

2. Goal Differencial

3. Goal scored against

Championship games will be played until a winner is determined via 4 minute sudden victory overtimes.








Foley Beach Express Lacrosse Blast Tournament

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Fall 7v7 & Destin Invitational


3950 Commons Dr W, Destin,FL 32541

Parking can found both on the north side of the facility and the south side



2018 Foley Beach Expressway Lacrosse Blast


Foley, Alabama offers attractions and activities enjoyable for every member of the family. Be sure to check out for a full list of fun things to do in Foley, Alabama - See more at:



The outdoor complex will feature 16 state-of-the-art, multi-purpose field’s ideal for year-round play. This space is designed for soccer, lacrosse, football, and other competitive sports. - See more at:


Destin Invitational Tournaments Rules Summary

• For all Youth Divisions (U10, U12, U14), we will follow US Lacrosse Rules, unless modified herein.
•  For all High School Divisions, we will follow NFHS Rules, unless modified herein.
• Game Duration Whenever possible, games will be scheduled in 1-hour-running-time-common-horn blocks.
•  Pool Play  and Bracket Rounds (on Saturday) are two (2) twenty (20) minute running halves.
• One (1) timeout per half/period, per team. Timeouts will be one (1) minute in length. Timeouts will not stop the clock. There will be no timeouts allotted in the last period.
• Each team will provide one (1) person to man the scoring table at each of their games.  These individuals will assist with manual scoreboard, and penalty times.
• Penalties ARE running time, time and a half.
• The official score will be kept by game officials and displayed by table staff. The table staff and the scoring official will confer after each goal and at all timeouts & period ending to ensure score accuracy. After game is concluded the table staff and the scoring official will verbally agree on the final score before it is reported to tournament administration. The scoring official will annotate the final score and sign the score card, which to be left at the game table in the table’s supply bin for pick up, and text each team’s score and the field # to (251)-751-0333
• There is not Overtime in pool play. There will be a 4 minute “sudden victory” overtime format in Sunday bracket play. The first team to score in the overtime period shall be declared the winner. There will be no timeouts allowed in the overtime period.
• Forfeits Teams will be allowed a 5-minute grace period to arrive for a scheduled game. If a team forfeits two (2) games in pool play and cannot present a valid reason to tournament administration for doing so, the team will be removed from the tournament. If a team forfeits one (1) game in playoff/tournament play and cannot present a valid reason to tournament administration for doing so, the team will be removed from the tournament. Note: All forfeit situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis by tournament administration.
• Fighting will not be tolerated. Any player, coach or spectator that is involved in a fight will be immediately ejected from the game and the remainder of the tournament. If the ejected person refuses to leave the field of play or continues to cause a disturbance that prohibits the game from proceeding, DSLI staff reserve the right to eject that person from the facility or contact local law enforcement.
• The game officials reserve the right to end a game if the game cannot be safely controlled.
• Ejection from a game If a player or coach or any other team representative (players & coaching staff) is ejected from a game for any reason other than fighting that person will be removed for the rest of the current game and the next game.
• Referee calls of any kind are not grounds for protest. DSLI tournament administration will stand behind calls made by game officials and will not change or override any call made on the field of play.
• If a goalie is ejected from a game, the officials will allow a replacement goalie time to suit up in the proper equipment.
• Stick Checks: Each team is allowed to call for one (1) stick check per game. The call must be made to the game official and it must occur during a dead ball situation.
•Note on Weather - Tournament staff will make any and all decisions concerning delaying or cancelling of games due to inclement weather. Officials, coaches, parent or any other non-tournament staff member should not attempt to stop a game because of inclement weather. Any concerns over weather should be addressed to tournament staff.
• DSLI Tournament administration reserves the right to final say on all matters. For serious issues call Duke Pope at 850-499-8557.




HS Girl's - Team LaxChix

HS-A : Niceville Eagles

14U Etowah Jr Eagles

12U Gulf Breeze Dolphins