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Atlantic Elite Lacrosse is excited to offer numerous instructional lacrosse clinics throughout the calendar year. Our philosophy of "fundamentals first" we believe separates us from many programs in the area and provides young athletes of all age and gender with the best chance of success when playing their sport. 


All of our fall offerings are offered at the state of the art indoor facility, Wide World of Indoor Sports, located in Montville, CT. 


At our clinics we run fast pace sessions with little to none standing still to optimize repetition in whatever drill we might be doing. To ensure this happens we always have numerous coaches on site, plenty of lacrosse balls, and bring a high energy to set the tone. It is our goal to maximize the amount of time a player touches and the ball and rep's inside of a drill. 


Say goodbye to the days of line drills and join us for a high octane training sessions this fall! 

Visit the tabs to your right to find the registration that fits your age group!