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Cheer Demos are an integral part of our WTYFC Cheer Program providing technical instruction on cheers, motions, tumbling and stunting and sharing their enthusiasm, experience and energy to our growing program.  They are the role models for our younger cheer athletes.
The following guidelines are per the American Youth Cheer (AYC) rules book.  WTYFC is in the Fairfield County Football League, a league that does not provide competitive cheer which we believe is the pinnacle of the sport of cheer. Therefore, the WTYFC Competitive Cheer team, only that one team, is also independently registered in AYC and is subject to all AYC rules.  WTYFC believes that these AYC demonstrator rules provide useful standards and have, in general, adopted them as WTYFC Demonstrator guidelines.  
Age Requirement:  Must be ages 14-18.  If a demonstrator is attending high school, he/she may be 13 years old.  (For the WTYFC Competition Team, Demonstrators are included as "participants" for AYC purposes, and will be require to have participant paperwork completed and certified in the appropriate team book along with the cheer team participants.) 
Demonstrators may only carry out the instructions of the Head or Assistant coaches and shall not conduct a practice.  Demonstrators should ideally work with teams a minimum of 2 years younger than his/her current age.  Demonstrators are NEVER to carry out ANY disciplinary action toward any participant or conduct practices.  Disciplinary action will be the sole responsibility of the adult coaching staff. 
Demonstrator Duties:
  1. Instruct WTYFC cheer athletes on cheers
  2. Instruct stretching, conditioning, arm drills (motions)
  3. Instruct stunting
  4. Instuct routines
  5. Attend cheer team practices, and arrive at least ten minutes before practice start time.
  6. Attend some football games on the weekend during the season (coordinated with the coach)

Scheduling:  All cheer team schedules on the WTYFC website at

The number of practices vary per week depending on the team.  Teams are set each year based on registration.

Team Assignments:  Demonstrators will be assigned to teams by the Cheer Commissioner.  Team assignments take into account the following:  prior year evaluations, experience level, number of team members, and the preferences noted on the interest form.  


For 2016:  

  • Cheer Mini's (grades 1&2), practice 1 day/week, and 1 game per week (Saturday morning)
  • Competitive Cheer Blue (grades 3-5), practice 1 day/week, and 1 game per week (on weekend)
  • Competitive Cheer Gold (grades 6-8), 2 practices and 1 game/week, 3-4 competitions on 3-4 weekends.

As with any program, there are standards to be met with attitude, attire and appearance:

Appropriate gear/apparel is required.  T-shirts or tank top, shorts, socks and sneakers that lace up and tie are required.  We want to keep the professional image of the athlete at all times as well as provide for their safety. Also, for safety, no jewelry is allowed during practices, or games.  Hair should be pulled back off the face using elastics. Nails must be kept the same length as the tip of your finger, nothing longer.  

At the end of each season, demonstrators are evaluated by coach on Enthusiasm (demonstrates a positive attitude and energy) Skill (able to safely teach motions, sideline cheers and stunting), Attendance (came to all games/practices unless previously excused), Communication (able to work well with other dems, team members and coaches), and Leadership (role model for younger girls - appropriate language, practice/game attire, respectfully discuss issues and make suggestions for team).  

If you are interested in applying for a Demonstrator position with the WTYFC Cheer teams, please submit the following:

1. Demonstrator Interest Form (2016)

2. Parental Consent and Waiver Form for Minors (2016)


Mail to:  WTYFC Cheer Commissioner
PO Box 1123
Weston, CT 06883