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Registration for the 2018 season opens September 1st




Team rosters will be filled on a first come, first served basis.  

Players who are residents of Coral Springs must submit both a copy of a drivers license and a current utility bill.

Players who are not residents of the City of Coral Springs must first purchase a non-resident sports card ($180 per family) from the Parks & Recreation Department. This is located in the Gymnasium at: 2501 Coral Springs Drive.

Copies of either two forms of proof of residency or a non-resident sports card must be uploaded to our registration web page for a player registration to be complete.


 Program notes:

  • We are always seeking coaches at all levels.
  • 9th graders are eligible to play Chiefs Lacrosse as long as they do not play for their HS.
  • We are seeking more sponsors this year to help keep the program costs down.
  • We recommend Dicks Sporting Goods for your player equipment purchases this year. 

Team Size

We expect to carry around 18-22 players on each team (12-15 on 8U boys and girls).  Once a division is full registrants will be wait listed for spots that open up.  Wait listed players who do not get a spot will be refunded in full.  Registration will end December 15th since we will need to finalize rosters, schedules and uniform orders.


Players can only be considered for clearance if they register on the wait list.  That way we know you are serious about playing and we will know how to contact you.  We encourage players to register even if the division is in WAIT LIST status.  Players frequently drop out due to school, injuries, parent job relocations, etc.  Spots do open up.  You will be notified at that time if you have been cleared to play.  Players can get cleared onto a team as late as Jan 31st.  

US Lacrosse Registration

All players are required to be or become members of US Lacrosse in order to play.  US Lacrosse membership costs $25 for 1 year and provides excess medical insurance coverage to all our players.   You will also receive a subscription to Lacrosse Magazine.  The Chiefs include the $25 fee in your registration costs and handle the registration of all paid players with USLacrosse Directly.  You do not have to do anything additional if you are registered with the program.

Withdrawal from program

If a player must drop out for any reason the following refund schedule will apply due to uniform orders and giveaways.

The Chief's League policy is that "No" refunds will be given to players that are registered past December 15th.  However, we realize there are special circumstances such as injuries that will cause a player to drop out mid season.  The Chief's board of directors will decide on special cases and implement the following schedule once the season starts.

Start of 1st week = 60%, within 2 weeks of start = 40%, 3 weeks of start or more = No refunds


Your registration fee includes: Top quality wicking reversible jersey and shorts with pockets, 26 practices, 9-10 games, field rental, year-end award, year-end family event, and tons of fun and excitement!


The Chiefs organization continues to have one of the lowest cost programs in the South Florida area and will continue with several discounts available to new and returning players.

Early Bird Registration:  Since our league fills up quick we encourage all returning families to register during the month of September. All registrations during this month wil receive a 10% early bird discount.

Family/Sibling Discount:  If you have multiple players from one family you will receive a flat $10 discount per each additional family member you add.

Uniform Discount:  The Chiefs are on a two year cycle for redesigning uniforms. All players will receive new uniforms for the 2017 season.

US Lacrosse Fee/Registration Included:  The Chiefs are one of the few programs that includes the mandatory $25 US Lacrosse Fee and Registration into our registration fees.  Most other programs make you handle this as a separate cost outside of the registration process.


We are always looking for coaches that have a love for the game and youth sports.  If you are interested in coaching or assisting in any capacity for our 2017 season please email us at  We encourage all of our coaches to go through US Lacrosse certified coaching training which is offered during the offseason. 

Coaches are required to submit and pass a national background check prior to coaching with the Chiefs.


(Boys & Girls)


(Date of Birth determines  your division NOT YOUR GRADE)







Born 9/1/2008 through 8/31/2009

2 eves/wk 1 hr




Born 9/1/2006 through 8/31/2007

2 eves/wk 1.5 hr




Born 9/1/2004 through 8/31/2005

 2 eves/wk 1.5 hrs




Born 9/1/2002 through 8/31/2003   

2 eves/wk 2 hrs