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Edge policy for players requesting to play for a team in an older age classification:

It is the policy of Rochester Edge Girls Hockey that player development is usually best achieved by playing on age appropriate teams as defined by USA Hockey.  However, we recognize there can be unique circumstances where it is appropriate to place a girl on a team of an older age classification to maximize her athletic development.  If such a player requests to play “up” on an older classification team, she will only be eligible to play on the highest-level team in that given age classification. For example, if Rochester Edge Girls Hockey fields both a Tier 1 and Tier 2 team at the same age level, the underage player may only tryout for the Tier 1 team.


The following procedure must be followed for a player to play “up” on a Rochester Edge team:

1)    The parent of the player seeking to play “up” must submit a written request to the Edge President no less than 72 hours prior to the start of the first tryout session for that level.

2)    The Edge President will consult with the head coach of each team affected no less than 48 hours prior to the start of the first tryout session. If necessary, other Edge coaches and the Vice President will also be given an opportunity to provide input in the decision-making process.

3)    The final decision shall be made and communicated in writing to the player's parent by the Edge President no less than 24 hours prior to the start of tryouts. 

4)    If the request is denied, the player will only be eligible to tryout for their age appropriate team within the Edge organization.

    If the request is approved, the player must first attend the initial tryout session for their age appropriate team.  This is necessary to confirm that the player’s skill level is justifiably greater in comparison to other age appropriate players before they may attend any tryout session for an older age classification team.

5)    Upon evaluation in comparison to the older players, the under-age player may only be included on the older-age team roster if she is ranked within the top 7 skaters or top goaltender by the head coach and/or any other evaluators as designated by Rochester Edge Girls Hockey.  If the player does not meet these criteria, she will only be eligible to play for her age appropriate team.


Rochester Edge Girls Hockey reserves the right to amend this policy when it deems necessary to provide and maintain the best opportunity for all players within the organization.