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Wall Ball Drills

Wall Ball drills are the best way for any player to improve stick skills. Try it for one week and you will be amazed at your progress!!

Video:  Taylor Cummings - Basic Wall Ball Routine

The Basics

  1. Find a brick wall - most schools have them.  Franklin courtyard is ideal.  Brick walls are better than smooth concrete walls because of added dimension of occasional unpredictable return.  Pitch-backs are ok but limiting.  Brick walls are best.
  2. Start close - about 10 feet away, with your dominant hand, pick a spot about 8' high on the wall and see how many times in a row you can hit that spot and catch the return without dropping.  Throw with enough force to make the ball go in a straight line.
  3. Progress to using other (non-dominant) side.  Repeat step 2.
  4. Get a friend and invent competitions


  1. Throw right catch left - throw left catch right - repeat
  2. Catch and face dodge
  3. Catch and split dodge
  4. Catch, throw a fake pass, then side arm pass
  5. Throw off-hand, i.e. if you're a righty, with hands positioned for a right handed throw, put the stick on the left side of your body and throw/catch from there.  Repeat with non-dominant grip from the other side.
  6. Use one hand only on the stick to catch and throw (builds wrist and forearm)
  7. Do 'quick-stick', i.e. no cradle catch and throw - as soon as the ball hits the net make a throw
  8. Typewriter: Shuffle left while throwing and catching, then shuffle back right while catching and throwing - repeat
  9. Move farther from the wall, pick a target a little higher up, repeat all of the above and see how good you can get at not missing while progressively getting further from the wall
  10. Play Pig/Horse with a friend - pick bricks on the wall to hit.
  11. Invent your own drills!

Perform this routine 4 to 5 times a week for 15 to 20 minutes and your stick skills will improve a great deal in a very short period of time.   You will be amazed!

Crank up your stereo or headphones and have some fun!


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