Beardsley Field Checklist



  • Remove tarps and place down foul line
  • Drag Field if needed  (gator in shed)
  • Rake base lines (using motion up and down from home to first and third, not across the line creating a ravine)
  • Rake mound if needed
  • Line field (machine and string in shed with lime and spray paint)
  • Bases are in lock box on B2, they stay out on B1
  • On B1 ensure for LL games that bases are at 60’ and rubber at 45’
  • Remotes are in box inside lock box
  • Open bathrooms


  • Rake infield if time permit
  • Rake baselines if time permits
  • Turn off scoreboard – put remotes back in lock box
  • Put bases back in lock box
  • Place tarps back on field
  • Clean up dugouts-  empty recycling bins if needed
  • Lock gate, shed and bathrooms on the way out.