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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is SKY Select Soccer?

A: SKY Select Soccer provides the highest level of coaching and training, and continually challenges and improves each player's skills.  At the younger levels, training emphasizes individual player development and progresses to focusing on team development and the process of winning games.


Q: What kind of coaches does SKY Select Soccer have?

A: Team coaches are licensed and paid SKY staff coaches designated by the Director of Coaching (DOC).


Q: How old can my child be and play select?

A: We have U9 through U19 teams for select. We also allow U8 players to play and practice with our U9 teams.


Q: Are select teams mixed gender or single gender?

A: All SKY Select Soccer teams are either boys teams or girls teams.  We do not currently have any mixed gender teams.


Select Soccer Fees

Q: How much does registration cost?

A: Registration fees per player range from $600 to $950 per seasonal year.


Q: Do I have to pay the registration fee all at once?

A: No, registration fees can be split up in up to 8 monthly payments at no additional cost.


Q: What if I cannot afford the registration fee?

A: Those who require financial assistance can apply for scholarships.  Scholarship applications are reviewed by a select committee.


Q: What does the registration fee cover?

A: Registration fees cover expenses for league and tournament fees, coaches, insurance, field maintenance, administrative expenses, and referees. Registration fees do not cover travel or lodging expenses.


Q: How much does a new uniform cost?

A: An entire uniform costs $120.


Q: What is included in the uniform?

A: It includes 2 jerseys (home and away), 2 pairs of shorts (home and away), and 2 pairs of socks (home and away).


Q: Do I need to buy a new uniform each season?

A: No, uniforms do not need to be purchased every year as long as they still fit and uniforms stay the same.


Practices, Games, & Leagues

Q: How often will teams practice?

A: Teams practice 2-3 times a week on average.


Q: How long do practices last?

A: Teams will typically practice 90 minutes at each practice.


Q: Where will practices take place?

A: Most practices take place at Lovers Lane Soccer Complex.


Q: How many games will each team play each season?

A: Teams will play an average of 12 friendly or league games per season.


Q: How long is the select season?

A: For U9-U11 teams, the year is split up into a fall season and a spring season.  The fall season lasts from August to November, and the spring season lasts from March to May.  For U12 and up teams, the year is just one season from October or November to Early June.


Q: Will the games take place in Bowling Green or away from home?

A: For U9-U12, there are always a few games at home each season, but the exact number is not known until each season begins.  For U13 and up, most games will not be at home.


Q: How much playing time will my child get?

A: Playing time is determined by a player's work ethic, attitude, ability, and attendance.  Specific age groups may have minimum playing time standards for players.


Q: Do differently aged SKY teams play at the same time or place?

A: Each team's coach or the Director of Coaching (DOC) schedules the select games and tournaments, so times and locations of games vary from team to team.



Q: How many home tournaments will my child play in?

A: All teams will play in one home tournament each season.  U9-U14 teams will play in the fall Kick or Treat Tournament, and all teams will play in the SKY Spring Classic in the spring.


Q: How many away tournaments will my child play in?

A: U9-U12 teams will play an average of 1-2 away tournaments each season.  U13 and older teams will play an average of 2-3 away tournaments each season.


Q: Will my child's team play for a state championship?

A: During the last three weeks of May, teams  U13 and up will play in the Kentucky President's Cup or State Cup, and the U11 and U12 teams will play in the Soccer Village Cup.