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General Registration Questions


Q: When is registration?

A: Registration for the 2016 Fall season is from June 15 to July 15.  Players registering after July 15 are charged an additional $20 late fee and are not guaranteed a place on a team.  If a player is not placed on a team, a refund will be given for the registration fee and the late fee.  If a player is placed on a team but the parent decides not to play the child, they will only be entitled to a refund of the registration fee, not the late fee.


Q: How do I register?

A: Register online.  The link is available on the main page of www.skysoccer.org.


Q: I have a child who is 3 years old or will be 3 before the beginning of the season.  Can she play?

A: Yes!  We accept players aged 3-18 years old.


Q: How much does registration cost?

A: $65 for the registration fee.  $30 for the uniform kit.


Q: Where is the SKY office located?

A: Our address is 855 Lovers Lane, Suite 108.  We are in a white building with a red roof next to the stoplight next to JC Kirby & Sons Funeral Home.


Q: Is financial assistance available?

A: Yes.  To receive a scholarship, the parent or guardian must fill out a scholarship application, which is available in the office and will be reviewed by staff.


Q: Can my child play up to an older age group?

A: Yes, your child can play up to an older age group.  There is a spot during online registration for you to select this.


Q: Can my child play down to a younger age group?

A: No.


Q: My child has a physical or mental disability.  Can he or she still play?

A: Yes.  SKY Soccer also offers a free, soccer program specifically for children with disabilities.  Email office@skysoccer.org for more details.


Uniform & Equipment Questions


Q: Does my child need a new uniform kit each season?

A: No, your child can use the same uniform kit as long as it still fits them.  We currently use black and white jerseys.


Q: What does the uniform kit include?

A: A Black jersey, a white jersey, shorts, and soccer socks.


Q: Can we buy individual uniform pieces?

A: Yes. Jerseys are $10, shorts are $10, and socks are $8.


Q: Where can I pick up the uniform kit?

A: The SKY Soccer office located at 855 Lovers Lane, Suite 108.


Q: What does my child need that isn't included in the uniform kit?

A: Shin guards and a ball, each cost around $10


Q: What should a player wear to a game?

A: The player should wear his or her white jersey if listed as the home team on the schedule, or his or her black jersey if listed as the away team on the schedule.  Just in case, it is advisable to bring both jerseys.  Also, wear black shorts, shin guards, soccer socks, and shoes.


Q: How do you wear shin guards?

A: Shin guards are put on first.  Then, the soccer socks are pulled over them


Q: Does my child have to wear soccer cleats?

A: No, tennis shoes or sneakers are acceptable as well.


Q: Can my child wear his/her baseball (or football, golf, etc.) cleats?

A: No. If your child is wearing sport cleats they must be soccer-specific as the toe cleat on other sports cleats is dangerous in soccer.


Q: What size ball does my child need?

A: Players in age divisions U8 and under will use Size 3 balls.  Players in age divisions U10 to U12 will use Size 4 balls.  Players in age divisions U13 and under will use Size 5 balls.


Online Registration Questions


Q: Can I register without an email address?

A: No, you must have an email address to register.  Free email addresses are available through Gmail, Yahoo, and others online.


Q: What do I do if I do not have internet access?

A: You can come into our office and we will have computers available for you to use.


Q: What do I do if I forgot my username and/or password?

A: Use the forgot password or forgot username link seen during registration, or contact Affinity support at 855-259-3466.


League Questions


Q: When does the 2016 fall season occur?

A: Games will start the end of August and end by November 1st.


Q: What time are the games?

A: Most games take place on Saturdays between 9am & 3pm.  However, all age groups may have a few regularly scheduled games during week nights between 5:30pm & 7:30pm.  Most makeup games will take place during weeknights at those times as well.


Q: How long do games last?

A: Games last anywhere from 32 minutes to 70 minutes depending on the team's age division.


Q: How many games are there per week?  Per season?

A: There are typically 1-2 games per week and roughly 10 games per season for each team.


Q: When are practices?

A: The time and day of the week of practices are decided by the team's coach.  Practices typically last one hour and take place between 4pm & 8pm.


Q: Where are practices?

A: Most practices are at Lovers Lane Soccer Complex, but some may be at a local park or school.


Q: How many practices are there per week?

A: Teams practice once or twice per week.