Our Lady of Sorrows Sport Programs


Representing the parish and school as part of the baseball team is a privilege open to boys in the 7th and 8th grades who are OLS school students or active CCD students not participating in their school's modified team or who attend a school that does not offer baseball.  

In seasons where there are more students wishing to participate than roster spots available, priority will be given to the 8th grade students.  Participation among 7th graders for the remaining roster positions will be determined via a tryout process as conducted by the head baseball coach.  Tryout location and date details will be communicated once player registrations are closed.

The cost to participate is $150.00. Each player will be provided a team uniform consisting of pants and baseball vest as well as an OLS baseball cap, t-shirt, socks and belt. At the end of the year, the player keeps the t-shirt and cap but the remainder of the uniform is returned.

Registration fees will be refunded for any student who is not selected for the team once the tryout process concludes.