peninsula rays baseball club


8U Tournament Rules

  1. Medical Consent Form, Roster/Release Agreement, and birth certificate copies to be turned in at manager’s meeting if ready. Check-in with completed forms at the registration table at least one hour before the start of your first game if your forms have not already been completed and approved by tournament staff.
  2. Please arrive for initial game each day 1 hour in advance. Can warm-up on soccer field turf if games are being played ahead of you.
  3. Coin Flip to determine home field will take place appox.15 mins prior to your game during Pool Play.   During the playoffs, the higher seed will have home team. 
  4. Dugouts:  First come first serve
  5. No warming up on infield given the fields are dirt and chalked.
  6. No infield ball between innings in/out rule in effect.
  7. 3 Coach Pitch warm-ups. Have the Catcher ready. Game Time is the Start Time.
  8. Coach Pitch - 5 pitches from pitcher’s mound dirt or 3 swinging strikes. Foul on the 5th pitch is not an out.
  9. NO COACHING from the pitchers mound.
  10. Play is stopped and the umpire will call time out when the pitcher (player, not coach) has BOTH feet inside the pitching circle.
  11. Player pitcher must have one foot inside the pitcher circle and even with or behind the coach who is pitching.
  12. No INFIELD FLY rule
  13. USA Baseball OR USSSA Bats approved
  14. Runner halfway rule in effect
  15. Continuous batting order. Every Player on the team roster bats - NO EXCEPTION
  16. 10 players on the field (less than 9 is a forfeit) – outfielders must be behind the outfielder grass line during every pitch until the ball has been delivered and has reached the batter. 
  17. Pinch runner for catcher with 2 outs. Pinch runner must be player who made the last batted out.
  18. Ball hits coach, it is a dead ball and treated like a foul ball.  Pitch counts against batters total of pitches.  
  19. No bunts or slash-bunts (i.e., bringing the bat back after showing bunt, and swinging or slapping at the ball).
  20. No stealing or leading off. Base runners shall not leave their bases until the ball has been delivered and has reached the batter.
  21. 5 runs per inning unless you a behind more than 5 runs.  In that case, a team can score as many runs needed to tie the game in any given inning.  In the  6th inning  there are unlimited runs allowed.
  22. Mercy rule: 12 run differential after 4 innings or 10 run differential after 5 innings have been completed.
  23. Games are 6 innings. No Inning to start after 75 minutes of play.
  24. If the game is tied after 6 innings a California tie breaker will be executed. A California tie breaker is an inning where the batting team places the last batter of the previous inning on 2nd base and plays the inning.
  25. A pool game may end in a tie after the time limit is reached.
  26. An elimination (play-off) tied game must continue until the tie is broken using the CA Tie Breaker Rule as explained above in rule # 21.
  27. Redwood City Tournament Directors reserves the right to make a decision on any unforeseen rule that comes up.
  28. Umpire’s call is final and will be made at the time of the call.  At no time will an official be called for ruling.  The coach may ask the umpire for help from the other umpire on the field but that is all the manager can do and call is final.  
  29. Manager is responsible for fans, players and coaches. Umpire or a Redwood City Official will ask the Manager and/or coaches to leave if fans, players and coaches become unruly. Failure to leave the field will result in disqualification of the Manager’s team.
  30. If any team is found to have an illegal player - team will be told to leave.
  31. Each Team can have 5 coaches in the dugout. 
  32. Home Team is the official scorebook.
  33. Tournament rosters have a 14-player limit. Every Player on a game line-up card bats - NO EXCEPTIONS. Give a copy of your line-up to the opposing coach before each game.
  34. How Playoff seedings are done (in order): Overall Record, Head to head, runs allowed, run differential, coin flip.
  35. 2023 Little League Official Regulations and Playing Rules are in effect unless stated otherwise above.