HYSA, Harwinton Youth Sports Association, soccer, baseball, Field Hockey, Basketball, Harwinton fun kids,The Harwinton Youth Sports Association (HYSA) is a non-profit organization formed to develop and maintain a high quality of recreational activities

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Rookie Ball/Tee Ball

Rookie Ball/Tee Ball is an entry-level program for first-time players (age 4-6). Players are introduced to the most basic concepts of baseball, including throwing, hitting, catching the ball, base running, field positions and making defensive plays.  All players will hit off a tee and will be instructed in the basic mechanics of throwing and fielding.   Games will generally last 3 innings and all players will bat and play the field each inning.

In addition to baseball-specific skills, players will also learn how to be part of a team (such as how to show respect for teammates, coaches, other players; how to wait their turn; and how to show good sportsmanship).


Single A

The Single A division of HYSA Baseball is an instructional league generally for players age 5-7 that have played at least one year of Rookie Level (T-ball) or for 8 year olds with no other experience.

In Single A the coach pitches and all players should have an opportunity to play all positions in the field throughout the season (unless there is a safety issue, which would be addressed with parents). This league will build upon the skills learned in T-Ball to continue the advancement of the basic concepts and mechanics of baseball.  During games all players will have an opportunity to bat in a game; a continuous batting order will be used. On defense, players will have the opportunity to record outs. 

In addition to baseball-specific skills, players will also learn how to be part of a team (such as how to show respect for teammates, coaches, other players; how to wait their turn; and how to show good sportsmanship).


Double AA

The AA level of HYSA Baseball is an instructional level that builds on the skills learned in A ball.  The AA level includes modified kid pitch rules and will focus on players pitching and learning to hit live pitching in order to prepare them for the upper divisions. Coaches will pitch when needed to keep the game moving along. There are walks and strikeouts, but no base stealing. Intended for ages 7-8 with A Division experience or age 9 players needing more time to develop. 

At this level, coaches will work on baseball-specific skill development with an emphasis on teamwork. Coaches will also begin to instruct in position-specific skills (such as catching, 1st base, and outfield play) and teach more advanced baseball plays. Coaches are encouraged to try players at various positions, but not all players may play all positions.

Scores are kept but there are no standings. The batting order is continuous and nine players play the field.


Triple AAA

This is an instructional league for players generally age 8-11, but it is also the first "competitive" level of HYSA baseball. This is the first level where umpires will officiate the game; calling balls, strikes and outs. Limited base stealing is allowed. Scores and standings will be kept and there will be playoffs resulting in a league champion.

In order to be selected for the AAA team each player must attend a tryout/evaluation session to assess skill level.

In the AAA division there is a continuous batting order (all players on the roster go to bat, regardless of whether they are currently playing in the field), but offensive innings stop at three outs. Players will play at least 3 innings per game defensively. Coaches are encouraged to teach players the skills for different positions, but safety and player skills will be taken into account on position assignment and playing time. Players are expected to commit to attending practices and games in order to keep up with the skills and advancements made by their teammates.



The Majors level within HYSA is the most competitive level of baseball.  Generally the age range is 10-12 years old (according to Little League Age guidelines).  In order to be selected into the Majors every player must attend a tryout/evaluation.  The most skilled players within the age requirements will be selected to play for the Majors teams.  The number of Majors teams may vary each year based on the number of registered and qualified players of certain ages. 

Coaches will focus more on developing each player’s skill level in advanced aspects of the game. Every player must play at least 3 innings in the field. Nine players bat in the lineup, and every player must have at least 1 at-bat per game. Stealing is allowed. There will be a regular season and post season with a champion crowned in this division. 

Since advanced skills are required, and teams often use advanced plays in the Majors, players are expected to commit to attending practices and games. Coaches will make playing assignments based on each player's skill level, attendance, work ethic and baseball knowledge.