The mission of Fort Hunt Little League is to provide a quality youth baseball program for the Fort Hunt community.

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Waitlist and Waiver Information

Waitlists are automatic flags created by our registration system usually based on the player's primary home residence. Not all waitlisted registrations require a waiver, but all waitlisted registrations require the player agent or league registrar to remove the flag.

Waivers are required for players that do not meet the residency requirements set out by Little League International.

Unlike other youth sports organizations, Little League International has regulations that establish boundary requirements for each local league that are intended to maintain a sense of community in the player experience.  Each local league has a distinct boundary map that cannot overlap with other league jurisdictions.  You can find FHLL’s boundary map here.

Per rules established by Little League International, there are three options for where Little Leaguers can play.

1. Children whose primary residence is within the local league’s boundary can play for that hometown league.
2. Children can play for the league where their school is located.
3. Children from divided homes may choose to play in a league in whose boundaries either parent resides.

School Eligibility

The following FCPS schools are within boundaries for FHLL: Waynewood Elementary, Stratford Landing Elementary, Fort Hunt Elementary, Hollin Meadows Elementary, Walt Whitman Middle School, and Carl Sandburg Middle School. If your child attends a school within boundaries, (regardless of your home address), your child is considered ELIGIBLE to play for FHLL. Our league will require proof of school attendance, via completion of this form.

Completion of this form is required only once in a participant's little league career, unless school enrollment changes. If you are unsure whether FHLL has a school enrollement form on file for your child, please contact one of the player agents to confirm.

How to Find Your Home League

Little League has launched League Finder, where parents can simply enter an address online, and the database will find the league in which that the address resides. 

In accordance with Little League rules, we suggest that you identify your home league and consider registering there before you look into waiving into a different league.

Waiver Process -- Out of Boundary Waivers

If you seek to have your child participate in a league outside of where they live or go to school, there is a waiver process that parents can use in coordination with the local leagues.  Little League International provides general information for parents on the waiver process.

In order to permit a child from outside the league boundary, the league must request a temporary waiver of Little League rules and regulations.  This is a formal process that involves a release by the home league, positive vote by the gaining league board and an approval process that is conducted at the District, Regional, and national levels by Little League International.  Waivers, if granted, are for the current season only.  Therefore, you are required to request a waiver for each season in which your child will play.

Fort Hunt Little League requires that parents requesting a waiver of the boundary rules demonstrate hardship or other unique circumstances that support the request through a written submission for consideration by the FHLL Board.  Our league’s Player Agents can work with parents throughout the waiver process and in preparation of the supporting information.

Little League Waivers -- Unique Circumstances
In addition to the more common out of boundary waiver process, Little League offers a waiver process in a few unique circumstances.  These are summarized here:


II(a) and II(d) Waivers
This rule allows a player who has previously qualified under residency for a league and played in the league to remain in the league after having moved to a new residence or school. 
As long as the player lived within the boundary and played with the league, they may continue service with the league if the player’s address or school location changed, the league’s boundary has changed, or the player is a sibling of a player who previously qualified for II(d).

IV(h) Waivers
If a person has previously resided within the league’s boundaries for two or more years while serving that league as a dedicated manager, coach, or member of the local league’s Board of Directors for two or more years, his sons and/or daughters are eligible to try out and be selected by teams in that league provided such service to the league from which the person has moved has continued and subject to written agreement from the league within whose boundaries they currently reside.


In both cases, a II(d) or IV(h) waiver form will need to be completed and then approved by the District Administrator. The completed form needs to be accompanied by proof of residency documents for the previous address that was within the league boundary.

How to Request a Boundary Waiver with Fort Hunt Little League
To request a waiver in order to affiliate with FHLL for the season, you should submit a written request by email asking Fort Hunt Little League to waive its geographic boundary restrictions and permit you to play.


This request should be sent to the FHLL President, Vice President, and Player Agents.  These officials will prepare the request for consideration by the FHLL board.  The Player Agents are your direct points of contact for questions and support as you go through the waiver process.


The request for a waiver should be prepared somewhat formally in the format of a word document letter or email that can be transmitted to the broader little league organization. There is no general form for the waiver request, as we recognize that all situations and requests are unique. 

The request should include background information about your child, including date of birth, division level, past baseball experience, and reason(s) for wanting to play in FHLL. The rationale typically focuses on community ties, coaching opportunities, and player connections that will make this a more meaningful experience for your family. It should not simply be a statement of liking one league more than another or thinking one league is better than another.  If you have any supporting documents, please provide those as well.

With that information in hand, the FHLL board can vote regarding whether to waive you in so that you can play in our league. After we submit your waiver request to Little League International, LLI officials will communicate the request to your home league and coordinate approval of release. 

Other Information

Please register with FHLL concurrent with this waiver process and don't worry about the waitlist message. You'll want to participate in all of the age appropriate pre-season assessments and warm ups too so our coaching staff can meet your child and conduct any needed evaluations to help with the draft process.



Questions about the waiver process?  Need help drafting your request documentation?
Please contact the FHLL Player Agents below.