8U Coach Pitch Rules  


1. Games will start promptly at 6:00 pm. The visiting team can take infield from 5:40 to 5:50 PM, and the home team can take infield from 5:50 to 6:00 PM. No inning may start after 7:45 PM. When in doubt the home team’s watch will determine the official time.


2. Seven (7) pitches total or three (3) strikes. Any batted ball that makes contact with the coach pitching is a DEAD ball and does not count as one of the seven (7) pitches.


3. A maximum of six innings shall be played. (UNLESS TIED)


4. There will be a six run limit per inning. The half inning will end after the third out or after the sixth run scores.


5. The pitcher will umpire the game.


6. The runner may advance until the ball is under the control of the infield. Once play is stopped it will be determined by the third base coach whether the runner advances or must return to the prior base. There will be a line half way between third base and home and once the ball reaches the infield area it will be determined if the runner is closer to home or closer to third base – if the runner is on or past the line he will be allowed to score. If the runner is closer to third base, or any other base, he must return to that base. TEACH THE KIDS TO THROW THE BALL TO THE CORRECT TEAMMATE, I.E. NOT JUST THROW IT TOWARD THE INFIELD.


7. Outfielders must throw the ball to an infielder to record an out (other than a fly ball). The outfielder cannot run to a base to force an out.


8. There will be no stealing.


9. There will be no leadoffs. The runner must stay on the base until the ball crosses home plate.


10. All players must play at least one inning in the outfield.


13. A player can play each position no more than 3 innings.


14. Every player will hit. Every player will play the field, i.e. 6 outfielders


15. All players will wear a batting helmet while batting and running the bases.


16. No player will throw any equipment. (bat, helmet, etc.) First offense will result in a warning, second offense will result in an out, and third offense will result in the player sitting out the rest of the game.


17. All players must play their regular positions. Outfielders must be in the outfield grass.


18. The coach pitching is not allowed to field a batted ball. If a ball hits the coach pitching, it will be considered a dead ball and all runners must go back to their previous position and the batter must bat over. The coach must try to avoid being hit by the ball.


19. No bunting is allowed.


20. Coaches of the defensive team are allowed to be on the field to help their players.


21. Both teams are responsible for keeping score; however, the home team will keep the official score. So it might be a good idea to check the score at the end of each inning.


22. Runners may not advance on an overthrow.


23. Pitchers must wear a heart guard.


24. Should have seven players to play a game, share players if needed to prevent not having a game.


25. Pitching is overhand.