Growing the game of lacrosse in NYC one ball at a time since 1996

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Why DOC’s NYC vs other sports programs?

  • Reputation: We have built our reputation and relationships in the lacrosse community of NYC through the years of consistently providing a respected program for parents, players and honest communication with college recruiters. 

  • One Dream: We are lucky to attract a diverse group of great players who want to learn the sport and continue to grow. Our players are expected to honor their commitment to the program and when doing so receive equitable playing time. 

  • Student Athlete: We will always teach the importance of academics in your life. Having smarts OFF the field are better for being smart ON the Field!

Is this a Team/ League or Clinic’s?

  • NO, this is NOT a League or team format Fall Season. It is more an Instructional balance of drills, scrimmages and a scrimmage day vs another program. Scrimmages are more involved 6v6 or 7v7.

What is the difference between Uptown and Downtown locations?

  • The Uptown location is where the primary locations for Doc’s players should report too. Uptown will cater to more experienced players, game knowledge and competitive play. 

  • The New Downtown location will be for more entry level and beginner players. Players who have only just picked up a stick and want to learn the sport. This downtown location will educate the basics: Catching, throwing, ground balls and shooting. 

  • Uptown (2 + Years’ Experience) & Downtown (Entry Level Experience)

What does Doc’s program focus on?

Stick skills, ball handling and lacrosse IQ. Lacrosse is first and foremost about handling a stick with proficiency. Team strategies cannot be taught without a high level of stick skills.

My son/ daughter has NOT played before. Can he/ she still play?

  • YES, we cater our programs to all skill levels. From complete entry level to experienced players We will assign a coach to work with each player, when needed, to ensure the most effective instruction possible. 

  • All players from grades Kindergarten through 5th grades are given much more attentive details of learning the sport for multiple reasons

    • 1st Safety – no one needs to ever get hurt!

    • 2nd Awareness – knowing the field and ball’s movement.

    • 3rd Fun – if it isn’t Fun, you’re not having Fun!

Can my child play in the Doc’s Fall program if he or she plays another Fall sport?

In most cases, yes. Our Fall program is one session per week on Sunday mornings. We make it manageable

Do you break the kids up by skill level?

  • YES, we do break the kids down into individual skill levels and grades. However, we also tend to mix the drills up together, so Inexperienced players can view how Experienced players are working the drill. Yes 

Will my child play a lacrosse game?

Yes, we run small space simulated games situations at each session and build up to controlled scrimmage games. We will also use a session late in the Fall schedule to play games against another program. 

What equipment do I need to bring?

  • BOYS – Legal Stick, Helmet, Mouth Piece, Shoulder Pads, Arm Pads, Gloves, Protective Cup and Cleats or Turf shoes. 

  • GIRLS – Legal Women’s Stick, Goggles and Mouth Piece.

  • BOTH – WATER!!!

  • DOC’S will provide all equipment needed upon request in advance, let us know!


Girls Program Location

  • Ethical Culture Fieldston School - 3901 Fieldston Rd, Bronx, NY 10471

Boys Program Location  

  • Cardinal Spellman High School - 1 Cardinal Spellman Pl, Bronx, NY 10466, Randall's Island Fields

Downtown Program Location

  • Cherry Street, New York, NY 10002


Any further questions please contact