Northern Virginia, DC, Maryland Water Polo

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Capital Water Polo Club was established in 2011 to create a team for a water polo player in Arlington, Virginia, who had nowhere to play. The club was originally called Ball Under, and its first members included: Aidan Dick, Avery Dick, Emily Dick, Yanneth Pedraza, Sarah Keyser, Katya Bonner, Victoria Bonner, Kelsey O’Malia, Claire O’Malia, Macey O’Malia, Carsten Connolly, Lucy Connolly, Joshua Phillips, Marco Sequeira, Malina Sequeira, Cormac O’Harrow, Yasmeen Moustafa, and Amir Moustafa.

By its second year the club had grown to 70 members and had to expand its practice schedule and coaching staff. Leslie Entwistle, the highly accomplished women’s water polo player and coach, was named head coach.

In May 2015 the club changed its name to Capital Water Polo Club.



Capital Water Polo’s mission is to be a nationally recognized water polo program that provides quality athletic training and leadership skills to all youth in the greater Washington metro area.



Inspiring youth to become future leaders through water polo.