roosevelt roughriders lacrosse


Why our volunteers are so important...


Roosevelt Roughriders Lacrosse is run completely by you:

The Roosevelt lacrosse club is just that...a club. We rely on our parents, volunteers and friends to help us manage the Roosevelt Roughrider Club, so that our players can focus on and enjoy playing the sport that they love, lacrosse.


As a club sport we are solely responsible for all the things that we do. We set up games, practices, events, transportation, fundraisers, and so much more. We need our volunteers for driving, in game activities such as score keeping, timers, spotters, and so much more. You've never done these things before? Don't worry, we will guide you and assist you in every way. Also, in our "Documents" tab we have score keeping and lacrosse rules to help get you acquainted with the game.


We will set up game day duties and YOU will be able to check off how you can help.

Drivers are always needed especially at away games. We will communicate on who is going, who has space, the meet up time, and any other details through the club’s website.


There are also other positions that are currently open...we are still looking for volunteers to handle our clubs' "communications", and we need a photo/video volunteer to help capture the moments of the lacrosse season.


Want to volunteer in other ways? Let us know, by sending us an email. You can find all of the board member emails on the home page or you can find us rooting for our team on the sidelines.


Thank you in advance to all of our volunteers. We truly couldn't run this club without your support.


Go Roughriders!